Christmas Decoration Trends for 2013

As we all know, the trends come and go. ‘What comes around, goes around’ you may say. Well, it’s the same for Christmas decorations. Buying a new set of baubles maybe the last thing on your mind – but don’t fret, here is a guide regarding the decoration trends for Christmas 2013, showing you how to achieve them without breaking the bank.

Add a touch of elegance and luxury:

The image of larger than life Christmas trees dotted throughout department stores is beginning to transfer into our homes. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of buying and keeping a real spruce, artificial trees have come a long way since the spindly, cone shaped ones we all had in the 90’s. The fatter the better. Have a browse at our range of Artificial Christmas Trees.

Pick a colour theme, for example red and gold, and adorn your tree in these colour baubles (assess your bauble collection and work with the colours you may already have). You can buy velvet or velour cheap enough – tie these into big bows to add a luxurious feel, and sit them on the branches. Cluttering your tree may sound like your idea of hell, but as long as you stick to two main colours you’ll be fine. Gone are the days of contemporary trees with a couple of baubles keeping it together and minimal decoration throughout the house.  It can make your living space appear more welcoming and homely. Also, smother your tree in lights: just make sure you stick to one colour that also links in with your theme.

Middle Eastern influence

You may think… what?! Yes, using rich, jewel tones is a big trend for Christmas this year. Emerald, fuchsia, ruby, cyan and orange all look fabulous dotted along your tree. You can carry this theme on into the rest of the house – rich coloured cushion covers come cheap and if stored well, can be used year after year. Think Christmas in a Russian palace. Baubles covered in glitter add a majestic feel to your tree, catching your eye in the light. You can easily do this yourself – all you need is a bauble, some glue and some glitter. Tie the Middle Eastern look together by using hints of gold, whether it be tinsel or simply the colour of the string attached to the bauble.

Scandinavian Christmas:

It’s typically the print shown on your pair of Christmas pyjamas. This folk-like, kitsch print is covered in snowflakes and pixelated reindeers, being the perfect canvas for throws, cushions and cute decorations.

To match with this homely trend, rattan woodland animals would look lovely sat under the tree or by your fireplace, bringing the inside, out. Keep the look quite fresh with twig lights stood in a vase as opposed to fairy lights. Or, collect some branches from your garden and mingle them with some Christmas lights which you may already own.

Alternative Decoration Ideas:

  • Fill a spare clear vase with baubles or lights, or both!
  • Use a round clear bowl to house a nest of lights, or you could use something on the lines of a fish bowl.
  • Take a hand from nature – conifer branches look great tied around lamp shades/bannisters/candles.
  • Or if you have a holly bush, carefully take some of the leaves and scatter them around your mantelpiece or dining table.
  • Dig out your old baubles! You may have kept your daughter’s first stocking or her first Christmas bauble – by adding this to your tree gives it a vintage feel and brings back memories for the whole family. Always a talking point!
  • Get the kids involved and make your own baubles. Packs of plain baubles can be easily sourced off the internet – all that is needed is a touch of imagination.
  • It may sound simple, but candles can really help transform a room. Make a collection of different sized ones, colour varying. When you light them your room should smell of cinnamon and apples.

This article was writen by Siobhan Glymond, Christmas lights expert at UK Christmas World.