20 Ice White StarLED's Light Set - Review

Another lighting solution for your home this year can be found from these LED Christmas lights. The lovely ice white colour is ideal for any décor scheme as it is so universal, and great for use indoors or outdoors.  Today I took this product and had a go at setting the lights up…

Here is the product still in the packaging, as it would be bought from the store. Keep the cardboard box safe as the lights can be stored away in it after Christmas is over.


What is in the Box?

  • Set of 20 LED Christmas Lights
  • 1 pack of cable ties
  • Manual on how to change a bulb

When the product is removed from the packaging you will see they are held in this yellow plastic case, which is an incredibly good idea. I thought when you take the trimmings down that would be great to fit them back in it to store! But this proved rather difficult, even without untangling the lights completely I found it very hard to put them back in the case! It may be better if you can’t, to find another storage box for safe keeping of the lights.


The first thing I found after taking the Christmas lights out of the case was that there is no mains plug socket included in this item. Therefore at the same time as purchasing the LED lights you will need to buy a StarLED Power Cord, also available from UK Christmas World for £12.99. In the packaging it looks like this.


I then proceeded to attach the string of lights to the Power Cord. This is an incredibly simple procedure and just involves aligning the two attachments together and then screwing the fastener over the top, which helps to keep the lights fastened to the mains when they have been placed on your display.

There are 20 LED Christmas lights on this string, but if you require more there is the option to attach some more sets onto the end. As seen here there is an attachment the same as the main power attachment for you to add up to 100 sets as needed! It is very simple to do, but if you do not require any more sets of lights attached to the end, you can just leave the fixture as it is found when bought (pictured). There is also a 50cm gap between each bulb so they are nice and spread out when you place them on your display.

I continued then to the moment of truth and plugged the lights into the mains!



They look great as you can see and will add a lovely clean glow to any Christmas display.

One benefit to the StarLED’s over the StarLights is that the LED bulbs don’t get warm like the filament lights, so there’s no need to be cautious about where they are placed and overheating.

These sets of lights come in a range of colours:

  • Ice white (as featured)
  • Warm white
  • Multi coloured
  • Green
  • Red

…So lots of different options to suit your own personal taste.


Here is a close up image of one of the LED Christmas Lights. As you can see there is a small hoop underneath the bulb, allowing you to use the cable ties that are included, to attach the light set to anything you wish (trees, shrubs or indoor furnishings).


These classic and versatile LED Christmas lights are available from UK Christmas World for £49.00, they are great commercial quality and they are so long when you unravel properly from the packaging, the chances are you won’t need more than one set. Definitely a recommended buy for this festive season!