40 Multi Action Traditional LED Lantern Lights Product Review


For those who prefer traditional style Christmas lights the lantern is a popular choice, combining old fashioned looks with the convenience of LEDS. This review looks at the 40 Multi Action Traditional LED Lantern Lights.

The first point to mention is that these lights do require some light assembly, nothing complicated though. Each light is actually coloured red, yellow, blue or green, so ensure they are plugged in before you start putting the lanterns together or you may end up with a red shade on a green light. The transformer is simply pushed onto the connector at the end of the wire, then the threaded collar is tightened to seal the connection. The transformer can then be plugged in, a static function chosen and then assembly of the lights can begin.

A cap is first pushed onto the light, lining up the notches with the wires. Then a correspondingly coloured shade is placed inside the lantern frame and this is pushed onto the rim of the cap, holding it all together. Simple!

The bonus with this is that it means you can take them apart again to store them, so they can be put away neatly, without getting all the lights tangled up or squashed.



Once finished you can see the full effect of the lights, the shade gives them a gentle vintage appearance; the yellow lights do appear a little softer than the others but the overall appearance is very charming. The lanterns are approximately 8.5cm tall and 6.5cm wide so they are a good size for use both indoors and out. The green cable is handy if using them on a tree or outdoors and the controller allows you to choose from a number of programs. 

The 40 lantern set still seems generous in length, offering 9.8m (32ft) of lights with another 5m (16ft) extension to the transformer. The transformer itself is built into the plug, and this should be considered if planning to use these with an outdoor socket. The transformer sits out from the plug by 5.5cm, the width is 3.5cm and the depth is 2.5cm. Running costs are low as the LED lights only run on 1.20 Watts, much lower than that of filament bulbs.



In conclusion these lights are perfect for someone who wants the traditional look on a budget. These lights are great value for the small price tag of £17.50 for the 40 light set, available now on ukchristmasworld.com