400 Frosted White LED Christmas Lights Product Review

What is the most important Christmas decoration? It’s the lights, don’t you think? But there are lights and lights, alone in our shop we sell over a 100 different lights. So how can you decide what light fits best for your purpose? To make the choice a bit easier for you, here a review of a set of lights that is quite unusual - 400 Multi Action Frosted LED Supabright Lights in white from Premier. We sell them in our shop and on the website for £39.

For the official opening of our Christmas shop I decorated one side of a 10ft tree with these lights. After opening the box the fiddling began! The light string was bound together with green cables – exactly the same colour as the light string. So I carefully undid the lights and put them in a line on the ground, so that I didn’t get them knotted up again.

Because the tree was so big, I stood on a ladder to drape the lights around the tree. This can be quite tricky and you might need some help with this. When we managed that without anyone falling down the ladder, I plugged the end of the string in the transformer und this one in the wall socket and the lights started blinking!



As you can see on the pictures they have quite an unusual form. The lights are tiny so that they don’t take up as much space as fairy lights but are still very bright. They look great on a tree because you hardly see the string as it is green. Our tree is decorated in silver so the bright white lights fit perfectly. The frosted effect lets the light seem less harsh than a normal LED light.

A great detail of these lights is that they have a little switch where you can turn the lights on and off instead of always having to plug and unplug the transformer. With this switch you can actually regulate the lights, too. You can choose between eight functions: Waves, Sequential, Slo - Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkling/Flash and Steady On and a combination of all.

I am quite impressed with these lights! The tricky thing is just to firstly unknot them, secondly not to break and re- knot them and then to put them up on the tree! This is probably mainly due to their size (we offer them with fewer lights, too).

What’s in the box?

  • Lights
  • Transformer
  • 2 manuals




  • Length from the transformer to the first light: 10 metres
  • Length of light: 39.9 metres
  • Size transformer: 8x5x5cm


When Christmas is over, many people struggle putting the lights back in the box. If you force the lights in the box, they may break. To prevent that it is easier to put them in a plastic container and you have no difficulties reusing these lights next year!

This article was writen by Siobhan GlymondChristmas lights expert at UK Christmas World