Artificial VS Real Chistmas Trees

Each year there is always a debate in most families whether or not to buy a real tree or artificial tree. We have the same discussion here at UK Christmas World when decorating the office.


Our views are strongly favoured towards artificial trees though and here are the reasons:

  •  Artificial Christmas Trees last for years, many if you take care and pack away carefully after each festive season should last a minimum of 10 years+ 
  • The market for artificial trees has grown rapidly and now the choice is memorizing with hundreds of styles, designs and colours to choose from.
  • Artificial trees now also have the option of built in pre lit LED lights, removing the sometimes stressful task of making sure the tree has an even spread of lights each year, and of course the task of getting the lights back off the tree and carefully back into the box.

  • Space is important in today's modern living world and many customers now require trees which take up minimal space but still create the unique Christmas feeling once lit and decorated. Slim and ultra slim artificial Christmas trees are now a very popular items both in the residential and commercial market.

  • During what has proved to most families to be tough economic times weighing up the options when buying trees is now at the fore front of peoples minds. Typically for a 6ft real Norway Pine you would pay between £40-£60. Depending on the quality of the tree and the grower this should last you till around Boxing Day before it starts to shed needles by the bucket load but sometimes if not watered can loose its needles within weeks Even paying the premium for non drop trees doesn't mean that you won't have to get the vacuum out every couple of days to hoover up needles spread across the house. There is no tree that will not drop any needles. Of course as already mentioned real trees also need watering, up to twice a day to make sure they remain fresh and hold needles for the maximum amount of time. A similar artificial tree would cost £49.99.

  • Finally one of the reasons people purchase a fresh tree over a real tree is the natural 'Christmas smell'. This can now also be recreated on artificial trees with a handy new aerosol spray replicating the smell a real tree provides without all the mess! - simply spray a small amount over the tree every couple of days to create that wonderful festive smell.

Here at UK Christmas World we have a great selection of Artificial Christmas Trees, Fibre Optic Christmas Trees, Snow Flocked Christmas Trees and Pre Lit Christmas Trees.