Assembling an artificial Christmas tree

Putting the tree up before Christmas is an exciting time for both children and adults alike.  It's when Christmas becomes a reality and everyone looks forward to decorating the tree with lights, baubles and tinsel. 

Once you've chosen the perfect artificial tree do your home its time to put the tree up.

Artificial Christmas trees can either be purchased with hook in branches or hinged branches. As the manufacturing techniques have evolved more trees on the market now are produced with hinged branches than hook in branches.  

When you purchase a tree it should leaky state whether the tree is hinged or hooked.



Hooked artificial Christmas trees tend to be more reasonably priced than hinged trees as the manufacturing process is simpler therefore reducing the overall costs. There is an exception to this rule as once trees exceed 8ft in height they tend to revert back to the hook in branches due to the overall size and packaging involved in getting he tree to your home.

Christmas trees with hook in branches normally come with an easy to assemble stand, for small trees his is more likely to be a plastic base which slots together, as trees grow in size the bases normally consist of a folding metal stand which is even easier to assemble and holds the tree firmly in place.

Begin with assembling the tree from the base. Lay all he branches on the floor in order. Christmas trees with hook in branches are normally either colour coded or numbered. Each colour or number should match to that marked on the stem of the tree. Once branches are in place work down from the top of the tree spreading out the branches evenly around the tree, ensure any gaps are filled. Take a moment to step back from he tree to see how it looks from a distance and then adjust areas that maybe bare or not quite right.

The tree is then ready for decorating with your favourite Christmas lights, baubles and tinsel.

Hinged Christmas trees now seem to be end preferred choice but they do come with a slightly higher price tag. This is purely down to the extra materials and labour needed to make hinged trees.

Once removed from the box hinged Christmas trees can normally be assembled within the space of a few minutes. Simply assemble the stand, place the tree into the stand and then as with he hooked tree work from the top of the tree downwards folding the branches downwards from the stem ensuring an even spread around end whole tree. 

After Christmas is over and the time comes to take the tree down (traditionally this is twelve days after Christmas) both hinged and hooked trees need to be packed back into the original storage box. With hinged trees the branches simply need folding back in towards the stem, hooked branches can be removed and stored together in colour/number order making it easier the following Christmas to put the tree back up again.