B&Q Christmas Lights Comparison

Here at UK Christmas World we aim to ensure that we are selling the best quality Christmas lights and are competitively priced.

This weekend B&Q launched their Christmas offering in store so we popped down for a browse around. We were not overly impressed with what we found. The displays in store looked dull and the packaging on their products is very plain and does not appeal at all.  They have a selective range of battery powered lights along with limited sizes in LED’s. Wall silhouettes seem to be over priced and artificial Christmas trees of a poor quality when looking at what else is available at this time of year for similar amounts of money.

LED Christmas lights are the best-selling decorative Christmas product so we decided to purchase a set of their mid-sized light sets.

We’ve decided to compare what you can get for a similar amount of money from our lights range. Here are the results…



UK Christmas World

How many LED’s?



Are the lights multi-function?

Yes (8 Settings)

Yes (8 Settings)

Can the lights be used outdoors?



Length of cable from the plug to the first LED

4 metres

10 metres

Overall length of lights

7.14 metres

20 metres

Spacing between each LED



Total cost of lights




As you can see the results are quite alarming! For 99p more our set of lights had an additional 80 LED’s, 6 metres of lead cable and almost 13 more metres of lights.

Here is a link to our set of Premier Christmas lights we used in this comparison... 200 Multi Action Supabrights (Multi Coloured)

Both sets of lights do come complete with multi function controllers which are now combined with the low voltage transformer to save space and also make changing the patterns easier. Each set has a total of 8 functions, these include: steady on, slow fade, twinkle, flash and chase.


During the next few weeks we will compare other big name retailer’s products including Argos, BNM Bargains and Tesco.