Christmas Inflatables

As decorating the outside of our homes becomes more popular following trends in the United States Christmas inflatables have become a popular choice in the UK and Ireland.

Christmas themed inflatables can be used both indoors and outdoors, whether its part of a commercial Christmas display or simply something to brighten up the neighbourhood the choice on our website is vast.

Whether its a 10ft giant inflatable reindeer or colourful Christmas train, there really is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Inflatables are manufactured from a tough and durable material making them resistant to basic weather conditions. The majority now also come with built in LED lights illuminating the inflatable at night time.



When looking for a suitable area to build a Christmas inflatable into your display you ill need to consider the ground in which he support pegs need to be positioned into and also the location of your nearest electricity supply. All inflatables are low voltage making them economical to run and super safe. The transformer needs to stored either inside your home, a garage or outside weatherproof box. If part of an outdoor display the inflatable will come with built in guy ropes to anchor the inflatable securely to the ground. 

From the transformer you should get at least five metres worth of cable to the inflatable. This needs to be taken into consideration when looking at where the inflatable will be installed. Online the lead cable length is normally shown within the technical information of the product.

Inside the inflatable towards the base is a built in air pump. This is used to initially pump air into the inflatable and then to keep it inflated. The inflatable will never over inflate as air is constantly let out as air gets pumped in.

Inflatables must not be used in torrential rain, snow or high winds. In longer periods of poor weather we would advise storing the inflatable indoors until the weather improves.


If you need any further advice about Christmas inflatables our friendly Christmas Experts at UK Christmas World are here to help. Simply email or call 01226 388889.