Decorative LED Wall Tapestry

One of the most popular products on our website are Christmas tapestries. I wanted to find out why everyone liked them so much and took a closer look. We sell tapestries with seven different images on them. They all cost £44.99. The one I chose shows a cobblestone village.

First of all it was super easy to set it up. I only had to open the packet, take the tapestry out of the foil and screw the wooden ends on the baton. The tapestry hangs down from this baton. You have to drill holes in the wall. Because the tapestry is quite heavy, you should be careful when hanging it up. On the back is a little pocket for the battery compartment. This is very handy, because then they don’t hang around and are out of sight. The tapestry is lit with tiny multi coloured bulbs. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to have it lit the whole time – it looks good without being lit, too, and you can enjoy it just as a picture.

The tapestry itself has a great quality, it is very thick and the image is clear. The picture is rather traditional than modern, so if you prefer a traditional decorations this year you can’t go wrong with this tapestry.

What’s in the box?

-        Tapestry: Width: 90cm / 36'', Height: 65cm / 26''   

-        2 screws

-        2 dowels

-        2 hooks

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