How Christmas Tinsel is Made

Tinsel is one of those items that we've all wondered at some point, how is it made? Well now we can let you in on a true British secret.

Unlike many products the best quality Tinsel comes from a factory here in the UK. Tinsel manufacturing began in Wales over 25 years ago after Festive purchased two tinsel machines from Germany. Since the early days Festive have become one of the premium Tinsel brands and now produce over £3 million worth of Tinsel each Christmas.


The Festive tinsel factory is one of the few remaining Christmas manufacturing companies in Europe. During peak season they employ over 100 people, and produce 80,000 metres of tinsel 24 hours a day, that’s enough tinsel to go around the world and back several times!

Tinsel which comes from China can spend up to weeks stuffed inside boxes and suffers from the heat and moisture once loaded into a container. By manufacturing here in the UK Festive are able to reproduce all core and fashion colours as the raw material used to make the tinsel originates in Europe can be easily obtained and cross matched to pantone colours.

Here at UK Christmas World we are proud to stock what we can say is the best tinsel in the world, made in Wales.