How much do Christmas Lights cost to run?

We think you maybe quite surprised as to how affordable Christmas Lights can be.

Here at UK Christmas World we've added to 100's of our Christmas Lights the actual wattage of lights and also the costs to run per day and also cost to run throughout the Christmas period.

LED Christmas Lights are the most efficient choice and much more economical than the traditional styled filament lights.

Let's show how you can calculate the power usage of your lights...

(We are using one of Premier's 200 LED Suabrights in this example)

To find our the power usage all Christmas lights have a label close to transformer. This label also contains safety information.


The average cost of electricity in the UK per kW is 12p (Remember a kilowatt is 1,000 watts)

Divide the wattage for your light set by 1,000, for the set we are using (6 watts)

This equals 167, take this figure and divide by the unit cost, 12p.


Finally divide this figure by how many hours the lights will be on for.


For our calculation the lights will be on throughout the Christmas period so for 8 hours a day in November and December, totalling 488 hours.


Are you surprised by how little LED's cost to run?

We hope this little calculation proves useful in deciding on which lights to choose this Christmas and how affordable LED's now are to run.

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What if my Christmas Lights have traditional filament bulbs rather than LED's?

Filament bulbs do use quite a bit more energy when compared with LED's.

In this example we have taken a set of 200 fairy lights with filament bulbs. The overal consumes 85 watts so using our cost calculator for the 488 days this totals £5.62, compared to 35p for the LED equivelent.

We still think that £5.62 is not a bad price for lighting up the whole of Christmas!

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