How to add Snowing Icicle Lights to your home

Icicle lights have quickly become a staple Christmas decoration due to their charming appearance and ease of installation. They have a far greater impact than standard string lights and the multi-function snowing effect adds an attractive effect to the outside of your home. 



Installing icicle lights, as well as normal string lights, can seem daunting but by planning ahead you will have a dramatic display with minimal effort. One of the most important considerations when it comes to Christmas lights is what length you need. Accurate measuring is key to ensuring your display doesn’t end abruptly halfway across the roof line. Measure, as well as you can, the length of the roofline that you wish to decorate and remember to take into account the gap from the end of your lights to the plug and the location of the control unit; Christmas lights nowadays are far more generous with cable than their predecessors so you shouldn’t have a problem reaching a plug socket but you’ll have a neater display if you don’t have to have extension cables strung across the house.

Once you’ve done your calculations it’s time to select the right set of lights to suit your needs, remember to consider the colour, cable length, number of LEDs and functions the lights offer. Test your lights first to avoid disappointment, then it’s installation time. Gutter hooks are recommended for ease of use, both putting up and taking down again, obviously this may not work with every house so this is something to consider, alternatively you may need to use screw in hooks, nails or one of the varied range of specialist clips available.

Remember safety first, use a sturdy ladder and several helpers to hold it steady and pass you what you need. If using gutter hooks space them approximately 1 foot apart and then start to clip your lights into place, keeping them taut to give you a nice, neat display. Route your cable to a plug, switch on, program the display and then step back and enjoy your work.

When taking down your lights take care to remove all the gutter hooks and if possible wind your lights around a reel to keep them stored safely and ensure they last you for years to come.


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