How to Power Your Outdoor Light Display

Decorating your home for the festive season can definitely be a fun experience, where all the family can get involved in the excitement, trimming the tree, setting up the lights, it signals the real start of Christmas.

With all the festivities underway, it is important all of your Christmas Lights are safe as well as looking great. In this guide we will help you to make sure you install your Outdoor Christmas Lights as safely as possible.

Outdoor Safety Top Tips:

• Ensure all outdoor decorations and corresponding extensions are labelled for outdoor use, and are waterproof.

• Make sure the power needed for the lights and extension cords match up

• Inspect all items for damage before use.

• Make sure all extension cords and string lights are clear from standing water or snow (see below for a great way to avoid this).

• Avoid overloading electrical outputs with too many decorations and lights.

• Do not use lights that have more than 7 watts per bulb. Bigger lights do tend to be brighter but the danger is that they burn hotter and are one of the main causes of house fires around Christmas time.

• Always make sure you turn off all electrical decorations and lights when you leave the house or when going to sleep. • Never tap into your home’s feeder line to power your lights.

• Don’t use nails, tacks or staples to fix your lights in place, use insulated hooks.

• All plugs must be GFCI-protected when used outside.

Weatherproof Outdoor DriBox 2000


This is a great idea for keeping all your electrical connections safe and dry and is available from UK Waterfeatures. This box comes complete with a lid that forms a tight seal around the cables, and what’s more it can be used all year round for any outdoor electrical products such as water features! Our larger version can also cater for extension cables as well as transformers. A small DriBox is available for just £9.99 so you can store your transformers and cables safely every Christmas time, a perfect solution!

RCD Outdoor Wall Socket Kit

Another ideal solution to safely install your outdoor Christmas Lights would be using this outdoor wall socket kit. Featuring two plug sockets inside a secure casing, this product is dust and weatherproof, great for the harsh conditions we have over the winter. It is simple to install and can be easily connected to your house’s electrical supply. This is such an easy way to set up your Christmas Lights safely for the family to enjoy!


How do I Power my Outdoor Lights?

The best way to install the above kit be found below…

 …Simply drill a 10mm hole through your wall, taking care to avoid electrical cables and pipes, feed through the 3m of pre-wired flex provided and cut to the required length. Wire in the RCD and simply plug it into an indoor electrical supply.

Steps similar to these can be followed to install other outdoor lights using just the cable instead of the outdoor kit.

Other ways to connect your outdoor lights to your home’s power supplies include working with a porch light if possible. You can unscrew the bulb and replace it with screw outlets where you can then plug in your Christmas lights.

If these options are not possible don’t worry! You can still add light to the outside of your home using battery powered or solar powered lights, which we have wide ranges of available on our website!