How to store Christmas Lights

As the excitement around Christmas builds we are all guilty of pulling the lights out of their box to decorate the tree without thinking about how the lights will be stored once the festive period ones to an end.

The type of light depends on how they ned to be stored. 

Traditional filament bulbs (the lights with glass covers) need to be handled gently. If they have been used to decorate a tree either inside the home or outside take your time in removing the light string. Ensure that you do not pull the lights out of the tree as the chance of bulbs clashing together and breaking is high. Ideally one person needs to remove the lights whilst another carefully feeds these back into the original box the lights arrived in. 

Filament bulbs normally come in boxes with purpose built slots for each lamp holder reducing the chance of any damages. 



LED lights are a lot more durable than filament bulbs and can be packed away without the possibility of damaging the bulb casing. As the majority of LED lights are low voltage and come with a transformer the length of lights tend to be much greater, proving more of a challenge to get back into the original box. Several larger light sets now available can stretch in excess of 70 metres!

If the box that the LED Christmas lights arrived in isn't suitable or strong to put the lights back into there are several options available.
Firstly you can purchase a plastic reel that the lights can be wrapped around or a cheaper solution would be to place the lights neatly into a plastic storage container with a secure lid (a tuppaware box would be ideal ), or how about one of our Light Storage Boxes. Once packed into the container the lights need to be stored somewhere dry, a loft or garage is a perfect place.  




Solar Christmas lights can also be stored in a plastic container if the original packaging is not suitable.

Whilst taking lights down can be stressful and certainly not as enjoyable as putting the lights up do try and be patient as the careful packing of Christmas lights will save you money in the long run meaning the beautiful lights can be enjoyed for years to come.