LED Christmas Lights - the energy efficient option

Until only a few years ago the majority of Christmas Lights were mains powered (240V) and used filament bulbs which often got very hot which meant great heat loss. This heat meant that filament bulbs were easily damaged if knocked and had to be replaced frequently. As a result LED lights are now used in most lighting products although we do still stock some of the traditional style filament bulbs as several customers refuse to let technology take over and prefer the warm glow the filament bulbs give off.

LED's (Light emitting diodes) are now used in thousands of day to day appliances from traffic lights to car headlights, torches and even during delicate medical procedures.

Why use LED lighting, here are your reasons! 

  • Use up to 90% less energy – helps reduce those electricity bills

  • Ultra Bright vivid colour

  • No loss of energy through heat

  • Longer lasting than normal Filament Bulb Christmas Lights

  • LED’s have a durable construction with no filament to break

  • You do not require spare bulbs

  • Cost effective – your lights may cost more initially but will last for years to come

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