Pre Lit Christmas Trees - An Alternative To Artificial Trees

Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Trees really do take any hassle out of Christmas. Putting the tree up and decorating with lights can sometimes be a long and drawn out process when we believe it should be fun and as simple as possible. Once the tree is up then the real fun begins decorating it!

Many artificial trees also now have hinged branches making the assembly even easier.


Here is out step by step guide to putting up a pre lit artificial Christmas Tree

1). Carefully remove the tree from the box. Placing the metal stand securely onto the floor. Once the tree is up the stand can be hidden with either presents or an artificial snow blanket.

2). Place the first section of the tree carefully into the base, the middle section can then be slotted into place.

3). As the tree already has the lights positioned evenly across the tree you then need to connect the bottom section to the middle section using the simple plug and twist system.

4). The top section can then be added to the tree and again the wiring joined together.

5). Now the tree has been assembled you can spend time starting at the bottom and working up the tree spreading out the branches and creating your perfect tree.

6). That’s it! – How simple was that? All you need to do now is plug the lights in and stand back to look at beautiful your new pre lit tree looks. Now for the fun part, be as creative as possible and decorate the tree with baubles and festive treats. When decorating the tree we would always try to think of what colour scheme you are planning on using, this maybe a favourite colour or in keeping with other items around the room where the tree will be placed.


UK Christmas World stock a range of pre lit artificial Christmas trees in a variety of sizes, styles and prices.