Santa's Musical Christmas Train Set Product Review

A classical gift for Christmas is a train set! There are so many different varieties. Kids love them and even the bigger kids love them too! They can be made of wood or plastic, have a traditional look or be much more modern. The possibilities are endless!

Today, I took a look at Santa’s Musical Train Set. It contains 22 pieces, plays Jingle Bells and is for children from the age of 3.  It is sold for £10.99 at UK Christmas World. Let’s try putting this up, it can’t be too hard when it is for over 3 year old children, right?

After taking all parts of the train set out of the box, I started with putting the tracks together. There is no actual manual in the box, so I had to figure out by myself how to stick them together. When the tracks finally all fit together, they were in a figure of eight shape. Then I turned to the train itself. There is the locomotive and three waggons. One has Santa and presents on, another one is a normal waggon and the third carries a snowman and a Christmas tree.



The locomotive sings Jingle bells as soon as the switch on the top is turned on. Turning the locomotive around you can find the place for the batteries. How to put the batteries in is explained in a picture manual on the packaging. Just be careful to unscrew the right screw. I got confused and unscrewed the one in the middle instead of the screw on the side next to the wheels! When I finally got the right screw out, you can take the top part of the locomotive off and find the space for the two AA batteries. They are not included by the way! It is clearly labelled where to put which side of the batteries. Now put the top part of the locomotive on and screw the screw back in.

Every waggon and the locomotive have little hooks on the ends so that they can be put into different orders behind the locomotive. The snowman, the tree and Santa can be taken off their waggons. There is also one more tree in the box to put next to the tracks.

When I first put the train on the tracks, they fell off as soon as I turned the train on. So they need to be placed quite neatly on the tracks. The moment you turn the train on, it drives quite quickly over the tracks and plays “jingle bells”.

So what is my conclusion?

This train set offers great value for money. It can be a bit fiddly when you try to put the batteries in. The screw is tiny! I don’t think that children at the age of three would actually be able to play with this train but when they are over 5 they will have a lot of fun with them. It is good fun for adults to look at, too!

What’s in the box?

-          1 Locomotive

-          1 Santa’s sleigh carriage

-          1 caboose

-          1 flat carriage

-          1 snow man

-          2 trees

-          1 cross track

-          4 straights tracks

-          10 curved tracks


When the tracks are built up, they measure from one side to the other 90cm.

The whole train with all waggons measures in length 47cm.

The locomotive is 9cm high and 14cm long.

This article was writen by Jennifer Ashby, Christmas tree expert at UK Christmas World.