Solar Christmas lights

Solar powered Christmas lights are the Eco friendly way to illuminate your garden this Christmas.

We only have to look outside the window to see house roofs covered with solar panels to see how much the solar technology has developed during the past few years. Many people now opting for solar Christmas lights over mains lighting and battery powered Christmas lights, both which have a running cost associated with them.

Solar Christmas lights use he suns natural power to convert into electricity using electrodes. When the sun shines onto a solar panel electrodes bounce off each other against the solar panel which creates electricity, which then in turn powers the LED lights.

When looking to purchase solar powered Christmas lights think about where the lights will be positioned and check the product information to see how far from the solar panel the lead cable is. (This is the length of wire from the solar panel to the first LED and can vary quite considerably depending on the manufacturer and cost).

The solar panel will need to be positioned in an area which gets the most sunlight during the day. Solar powered lights can operate in daylight but for optimum performance we would recommend exposure to direct sunlight where possible. During the day the electrodes will bounce off each other creating electricity which is then stored in the solar panels built in rechargeable battery. 

As dusk falls solar Christmas lights have a built in light sensor which automatically turns the lights on. With solar lights there is no need to have to remember to turn the lights on each day and make a good security deterrent when not at home.

On a full charge solar lights can stay illuminated for up to 6 hours. The duration also depends on what pattern the lights are set to if they have a multi function option. On static the lights will not last anywhere near as long as a multi function pattern such as flash or chase. During these more advanced patterns the LED's are not constantly illuminated increasing the overall battery life.

Are Solar lights easy to set up?

Solar lights can be installed in your garden within a few minutes after removing from the box.

Most solar panels just need a basic plastic ground spike attaching, this can then be sunk into the ground in your chosen part of the garden,. The lights can then be hung and left to charge during the day. 

During the first use if the solar lights have a multi function option your preferred setting will need to be chosen, the light set will then automatically remember this every evening.

And remember solar lights have no running costs, no electric bills or constant cost of replacing batteries every few days, let the sun save you some money this Christmas.Solar Christmas lights are available in an array of colours including white, warm white and multi coloured with various light lengths up to 30 metres and can be used to dress bushes, trees, garden topiary and brighten up fences and garden gazebos.




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