Staying safe this winter

Preparing for winter this year is essential. Last year saw some of the worst weather the UK has ever seen with temperatures dropping well below minus ten degrees causing chaos in many areas of the country. We simply were not prepared for the volume of snow which fell in such a short period of time.

Snow shovels should be a necessity for every household and can be used to clear driveways and paths after a heavy snowfall. They are also useful for moving garden waste and horse manure at other times of the year.

Depending on budget snow shovels can range from just £4.99 and come in a variety of weights, materials and sizes.

Most of the snow shovels here come fitted with either a polyurethane or wooden shaft to aid balance and keep weight to a minimum.

If you travel too and from work in a car regularly then we would suggest a compact telescopic snow shovel which can be stored easily in the boot of your car, taking up minimal space. Getting stranded in your car can be an upsetting experience as the night falls and temperatures drop. Carrying a compact heavy duty snow shovel can prevent getting stranded. Along with the shovel always carry a blanket to keep warm, handful of snacks, drinking water and of course before leaving home make sure your mobile phone is fully charged.

Clearing the show can also be fun. Why not get the kids involved with a mini snow shovel. This can be used to assist adults in clearing paths and driveways. Then its time to build a snowman with all the snow you've cleared.

Once paths and driveways are clear place a scattering of rock salt along areas where you have to walk. This will prevent any slip, trips or falls which in icy conditions can be very painful and often lead to broken bones.

Rock salt can also be used to clear car parks, school pathways and pavements.

Currently for residential use we stock handy 21.5KG carry packs of Winter Grit Rock Salt and for commercial use or for larger housing estates to share a large bulk bag of Winter Grit Rock Salt (containing approximately 900KG)

After the pathways have been cleared and you can safely move about its now time to have fun in the snow!

Sledges provide a fantastic snow experience for both children and adults and can be used at the local park or even to pull along your children to school safely.

For a basic sledge prices start from around £9.99, the more serious sledges may prefer a deluxe sledge or twin sledge. Our sledges come in a range of colours and styles.

As always on all winter products we only have limited stocks. Place your order now to guarantee stocks. Last year saw many retail outlets sell out and where sledges and snow shovels could be bought the prices almost tripled.

UK Christmas World has a large range sledges, twin sledges, snow shovels, and rock salt winter grit.