The 20 Clear Starlights Filament Bulb Extendable Light Set - Review

For anyone who is looking for a versatile way to light up their home this Christmas here is an ideal lighting solution for decorations this year. Today I looked at Starlights Clip Light Set and set them up, and found that they would be ideal for any Christmas tree (either indoors or outdoors) as well as decorating any other area around the home looking for a little more sparkle.

Here is the item in the box as it is purchased. This is a secure, neat box that is nice and small so is ideal for storage purposes after the festivities are over.


What is in the Box?

  • 1x set of lights (clips come readily attached to the bulbs)
  • 1x plug
  • 1x ‘keep dry’ instructions for outdoor use
  • 1x bulb changing instructions 

 So first things first, I took the all components out of the box. Each bulb has a protective covering, which if you keep intact you can re-apply when you take the lights down to keep them safe in the box for next year. 

After removing the protective covers I then connected the plug to the light cable, which was very easy to do actually. There is also a screw cap that twists over the two cables to ensure they don’t come apart when turned on.

At the other end of the light cable, is another optional attachment, where you can join on another set of Christmas lights if you wish. If you do not require another set of lights on the end then you can just leave the attachment how it is found, like this.

I then proceeded to plug the lights into the mains socket. This set of lights is really quite long at 10m when fully outstretched. There is also a 50cm gap between each lamp so the lights are nice and spread out when they are displayed. The cable on the light set is green meaning they are perfect for Christmas trees or outdoors on other plants or shrubs. 

Here is what the lights look like illuminated, they have lovely clear bulbs that create a nice warm glow so will be a great stylish addition to anyone’s home décor requirements. Each bulb has a clip ready attached to it, meaning they can be securely fastened to anywhere you wish. This will keep them in place, and after testing this they do feel very safe so will withstand quite harsh winter weather conditions of used outdoors. 

As I was setting up these lights the only thing I did notice was because they are filament bulbs, even in the short amount of time I had them switched on, they did really start to get warm, so you would need to be extra careful when deciding where you are going to hang them.

Inside the box of lights there is an instruction page on how to store the lights safely outside. I think this is a really great feature that the box doubles up purposes like this, and is a very straight forward procedure. You can place an extension cable inside the box and attach different types of lights or other electrical items at the same time, then fasten the secure lid and store them neatly in the same place.

These lights are available from UK Christmas World for £39.00 which is a very reasonable price as the string of lights does cover quite a large area. So depending where they will be hung you may only need one set. All in all I recommend this light set, I think it is a great product, they are so easy to set up and operate and I really like the simple but stylish look they create.