3 Stunning Light Displays from Around the World

Here at UK Christmas World we understand the significance of Christmas, but we can also appreciate the importance of other recognised holidays and festivities. It’s due to our love of celebrations and gift giving that we have taken a keen interest in the different methods of celebrating and have thus decided to bring to you our favourite 3 light displays from around the world.

#3 – Medellin, Colombia

The Christmas lights and displays within Medellin, Colombia often resembles a carnival as thousands of people gather close to the Medellin river in order to get a good view of the expensive decorations and to take part in the street performances that pass by.

Throughout December there are also a number of stalls selling trinkets, local produce and a variety of different foods. The displays that are based around Avenue la Playa are some of the most impressive within the area.


#2 – Paul Toole, Somerset

Paul Toole has been decorating his house each and every Christmas for more than 13 years; the neighbours often complain that the light display of over 40,000 bulbs is an eye sore. On the other hand, Paul Toole raised more than £2000 for charity in 2010 through his computer controlled light display, so the money made from the display goes to a good cause.

Every few years Paul will travel to America in order to replenish his stock – on each of these visits he spends approximately £15, 000 on lights and decorations.


#1 – Wonder Full, Singapore

The Wonder Full Water and Light display in Singapore is one of the most breath taking artificial light displays and we believe that it thoroughly deserves the #1 spot on our list of stunning light displays. The Wonder Full light show lasts for approximately 13 minutes at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and is displayed each and every night as the sun begins to set. 

Unlike it’s cousin in Hong Kong, The Symphony of Lights; the Wonder Full light show took more than a 100 specialists in engineering, IT, audio and many more trades to develop the show. The amount of work that has gone into the production of the Wonder Full show is evident due to the quality and impressiveness of the show. 

The list of interesting and entertaining light shows from around the world is endless, but rather than reading about each and every one of them we suggest that you create one of your own or go out and experience the ones that have already been created for the amusement of the public.

For more information on Christmas lights, decorations or general festivities you can get in touch with us at UK Christmas World. We’d be happy to provide you with expert advice and unrivalled customer service.