At 90ft & 100,000 Bulbs, It's Officially The UK's Largest Christmas Tree!

Back in November 2014 Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet unveiled the UK's largest Christmas tree in preparation for the Christmas period. 

Officially the UK's largest standing Christmas tree in 2014 this tree stood at a staggering 90ft. One of the many great things about this particular tree wasn't the fact that over 100,000 christmas lights were used nor the fact it weighed over 18 tonnes and cost £100,000 to build. What makes this tree so special is that it was the first Christmas tree in Europe where visitors can freely walk inside the cone shaped tree to see the magic and just how big the tree was from the inside making it a huge tourist hot spot over the Christmas period. 

As mentioned above, 100,000 Christmas lights were used to make this tree which if laid out would equal roughly an astonishing 5 miles of lights! On top of that, 1.2 miles of wiring and cables were needed to hold the giant Christmas tree together. 

We for one are looking forward to the town who attempts to beat this amazing accomplishment in the run up to Christmas 2015.  

*Images are credited to The Chester Chronicle