Battle of the TV Christmas Adverts 2017

We really love this time of year!
The run up to Christmas can be so fun, with the festivities starting to appear in different places, in the supermarkets, on TV and on the high street. Christmas is definitely “the most wonderful time of the year” for us and we get so excited when we start to notice these things more and more throughout November and December!

One of the ways we know that Christmas is on its way is when supermarkets start to air their Christmas TV adverts! There is always a lot of hype and anticipation for these…

“Who will be the best this year?”
“Will it beat their previous heart-string-pulling effort?”

It’s all a matter of opinion of course, and there have been agreements and disagreements already this year for the current festive TV ads, and in this blog we want to take a look at a few of them and get your opinions too!

So don’t panic if you’ve not managed to catch them on the screen so far, we’ll catch you up in a jiffy!


John Lewis

We’re going to start with probably the most highly anticipated advert of the festive season, John Lewis!
Each year they seem to top their previous efforts, with cute characters, adorable storylines, bags of emotion and the odd tear jerker or two!

Over the years we have followed tales from The Bear and The Hare, Man on the Moon, Monty the Penguin, amongst many others, and of course last year’s comical creation Buster the Boxer!

For Christmas 2017 John Lewis have brought us Moz the Monster! He’s the cute fuzzy creature under the bed that becomes friends with the child and keeps him up all night playing games and having fun, until realising he needs to let the boy get some sleep and sends a gift of a night light to help him do so! A heart-warming advert I’m sure you’ll agree, reading into the old ‘monster under the bed’ myth.

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If you’ve yet to see the full thing, check it out here… 

Or maybe you need to watch it just one more time…
Following the hype of the TV broadcast, there has been plenty of merchandise released in association. So if you have children and family members who have loved Moz, these might make good stocking fillers!



One of the first adverts that was personally viewed first this year was from Asda. This lovely story titled ‘Best Christmas Ever’, follows a young girl and her grandfather who take a trip to Asda’s Willy Wonka-esque Christmas factory. Here they get to discover lots of the supermarket’s festive goodies been created in their fun, ‘Christmas Imaginarium’.

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We think this is a lovely, light-hearted advert giving a real traditional, magical feel. We don’t know about you but we’re going to enjoy watching this over again on TV on the run up to Christmas!

Check out the full advert here if you haven’t seen it already…


Kevin the Carrot is back! And this year he has a lady friend!

Last year’s festive promotion from Aldi brought us Kevin the Carrot for the first time, causing destruction as he crossed the dinner table to reach Santa’s mine pie. He returns again this year on another adventure across the table, featuring an impressive festive spread, to reach Katie the Carrot.

In the advert we see Kevin perform a heroic act on the train to save Katie from a missile pea, for them to enjoy the rest of the magical train ride together!

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With a touch of comedy and light-hearted storyline, it’s certainly been another favourite this Christmas time! You can even buy Kevin the Carrot shaped shopping bags in stores!



We loved last year’s efforts from M&S that followed the travels of a modern day Mrs Clause delivering an important family gift while Father Christmas was out on his Christmas Eve duties. She made it back just in time for Christmas morning when Santa returns home to her, and she even gets time to sneak a present under the tree for her husband too! It was a great watch for all the family.

We think it’s lovely that the M&S advert this year features a friendly, familiar character again such as Paddington! Another light hearted, comedy storyline is brought to us this festive season as Paddington catches a robber in his tracks and proceeds to undo all of the thief’s wrong-doings. Paddington mistakes him for Santa Claus and begins to ‘help’ him delivery his gifts to the neighbourhood!

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We think it’s a fun take on tradition and embraces the Christmas spirit really well, again the whole family will love this advert, we certainly have enjoyed it all the times we’ve seen it so far!
You can view it here…



‘Ready for Take Off’ is the title of this year’s ad from Argos. And we think it’s brilliant! We love the futuristic feel to the advert in the modern day Santa’s workshop, and the elves are busy away putting the finishing touches to the Christmas Eve load. We then see one courageous elf race to get one child’s missed gift onto the rocket powered sleigh, just in time! Phew!
Another great watch that the whole family can understand and be involved in, no fuss, no hidden messages, just plain and simple festive fun!

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If you’ve yet to check this one out you can find the link below…



Morrison’s are treating us this year and have got 2 adverts out this festive season!
They follow 2 families and their Christmas traditions such as putting up decorations, nativity plays and writing Christmas lists. Another no-fuss advert here for us to enjoy with relatable aspects too, as most of us will carry out the same traditions at this time of year. The adverts also showcase some of the range of festive goodies available at the store this year in both the regular and free-from range, so guaranteed to make your mouth water too!

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Check out both of the videos from Morrison’s here…

Which is your favourite of the two?


So we’ve shared a handful of the main ones out there this Christmas.

Which has been your favourite so far?

Are there others that you love that aren’t on this list?

Here at UK Christmas World we’d love to hear from you!

Which do you like this year or what was your favourite TV ad of all time? Get in touch via our Facebook page!