Be Green & Recycle Your Christmas Tree

As we draw closer to the inevitable day where a majority of us will be getting out those ladders one more time, as we begin to take down those Christmas decorations for yet another year. The parties have all ended, family and friends have all gone home, there is no turkey left and you're back at work...

One of the downsides to owning a real Christmas tree each year is not just the pine needles that may have fallen on to the carpet but it's knowing what to do with the tree now that the festive season has been and gone. 

Now as I am sure that you're all aware, real Christmas trees are in fact recyclable (artificial Christmas trees are not). If you're wondering what the best thing to do with your tree then it is probably best that you contact your local council as they can arrange for special collection of your real trees. These collections usually take place during the first few weeks of January. However it can vary depending on where you live. So as mentioned it is probably best that you get a hold of your local council via their website to find out when collections are in your area. 

Once collected the trees are usually shredded using a tree shredding machine which mulches the tree in the chipping which can then be used on local parks or recreational areas with in your community. 

You may have seen in the news recently that old trees are actually been put to good use in their natural environment in a new tree scheme. The new scheme takes old trees which have been stripped down of all their fancy tinsel, lights and baubles and are then drilled into the sides of riverbanks and coastlines in an attempt to prevent erosion during the coming wet months. The old trees also make for effective barriers to help prevent flooding from burst riverbanks. 

If you are looking to get in touch with your local council to see when they are offering Christmas tree collection in your area then please visit the Direct Gov website to find your local authority. Please make sure that your tree is fully stripped of all lights, tinsel and baubles before collection otherwise the tree will not be collected.