Christmas Lights, Trees and House Fires

Christmas is a wonderful time for celebration therefore should not end tragically because of the hazards that are present at this time of year.


Always check to make sure that the fuses are the right type (this should be stated clearly on the box)

If a bulb happens to blow, replace immediately

Do NOT leave lights on when you go out or if you go to sleep

Do NOT put bulbs too close to anything flammable, such as paper

Do NOT overload the sockets

The preferred choice with our customers now are LED's. These use very little power and do not generate any heat so are much safer than the traditional filament bulbs.


If you have decorations made of light tissue paper or cardboard these will burn easily.

Do NOT attach or place onto heaters or radiators

Do NOT put them directly above or around the fireplace

Keep them away from lit candles

Christmas trees

Special fire precautions need to be taken when having a live Christmas tree, a rapidly burning tree can fill a room with fire and deadly gases.  As shown in the video below:

Selecting a real  Christmas tree

Please ensure when choosing your tree you check to make sure the needles are green and should be hard to pull out of the branches n if the tree has been freshly cut the needles should not break.

Do NOT place your tree near any source of heat including fireplaces or heat ventilated area; this would cause the tree to dry out making it easy to be ignited by heat, flame or sparks.

Do NOT put your tree up too early or leave it up longer than 2 weeks if too many needles fall of the tree has been cut too long and is a major fire hazard.

When it comes to the disposing of your tree never put the tree branches or needles in a fireplace or wood burning stove. When the dry becomes completely dry, discard of it promptly.

The best way to do this it to take it to a recycling centre, these are available across the country.

Opting for an Artificial Tree

Artifical trees are a one off investement, the right tree can last for years and even be passed down through generations along with all the decorations!

The quality of artificial trees over the past few years has improved dramatically with many trees now combining both PVC and PE materials.

Artificial trees are easy to assemble with many including built in hinged branches and folding stands. At the end of the festive season the tree can simply be taken down and carefully stored in its original box until next year. Christmas tree storage bags can also be purchased if you do dispose of the box.

New this year we have added to our range 'Scenticles', scented tree ornaments which give artificial trees that freshly cut smell and can simply be hung from a branch and changed every couple of weeks.

Why not have a look at our Artificial Christmas Trees, we deliver across the country and its free on all orders over £40.