Create an even bigger Light display with our Connectable LED Lights

Light up your home and garden in style this Christmas with our ever popular Connectable LED Lights.

As the lighting technology has developed you are now able to connect upto 6,000 supabright LED lights safely from just the one mains plug. Maybe this is finally the end ot trailing extension leads, double adaptors and danagerour four ways.

With connectable Christmas lights you actually end up paying less, have less stress and of course with just the one cable no mess!

Our connectable LED light systems are really flexible too. Simply purchase the lights in sets of 100. Upto 60 sets will safely run from the one mains plug making these lights ideal for commercial projects such as town centre trees, large public displays or the outside of shops and offices.

A range of handy accessories are also available enabling you to divert the lights in various directions and even extend the intial length of cable from the plug to the first LED light. (Currently we stock a 5 metre and 15 metre initial extention lead).

As with all our Christmas lights the LED Connectables currently come in four popular colours; White, Warm White, Blue and Multi Coloured.

UK Christmas World has a large selection of popular Connectable LED Christmas Lights and our friendly Yorkshire customer care and sales team are on hand to answer any questions you have about lights or Christmas in general.

This article was written by Siobhan Glymond.