Creative & Inspirational Ideas To Use Battery Lights Around Your Home

During a recent photo shoot we used a selection of our battery powered indoor lights to brighten up items within the home. 

We were impressed with the results! - its incredible what you can create with basic LED lights.

In the above photos we have used red and white rose battery powered lights to dress the cake stand. 

10 Battery Powered Red Rose Lights @ £4.99 - Click here to view.

10 Battery Powered White Rose Lights @ £4.99 - Click here to view.

The smaller cake stands have simply been dressed with a set of Premier 20 indoor battery lights on clear cable. These lights come with two functions - Static On and Slow Flash. Simply pop 3 AA batteries into the battery pack and enjoy.

20 White LED Battery Lights @ £2.99 - Click here to view.

20 Red LED Battery Lights @ £2.99 - Click here to view.

In the above photos we used larger sets of battery powered lights to dress a simple bottle of champagne within an old fireplace. These lights are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and come with a built in timer function allowing for 6 hours on and 18 hours off. The lights will automatically turn on at the sametime each day. Of course they do have an option to manually turn on and off if you wish.

To dress the large wooden mirror we used a set of Noma's Metal Heart Pastry Cutter Lights with built in warm white LED's.

Battery lights are a great safe alternative to mains powered lights. They do not need to be located near a power supply and have much lower running costs - all you need to do is to make sure you have spare batteries.

Many people now enjoy lighting their homes up all year round whether it be bedrooms, kithcens, living rooms or even the bathroom.

If you need any ideas for what to do with battery lights inside your home then we are here to help. Use our live chat, email or why not give us a ring (01226 388889) and speak with one of the UK Christmas World team.