Creative Indoor Decorative Christmas Lighting Ideas

Creative indoor decorative lighting

Indoor lighting has a vast scope for usage in contemporary decoration. The advent of battery powered decorative lighting has brought a new opportunity for creating elaborate lit installations without the need for carefully considered and potentially hazardous wiring.

Battery and dual power lights give you the freedom to build a display which can be completely free standing. For example the Noma 10 LED Pom Pom Lights are a beautiful and versatile light which is perfect for a wedding table centrepiece or anniversary and can be woven into a flower decoration to give a pretty  and delicate effect. They have an even greater impact when the sun sets and the lights are switched on. 

Alternatively these lit flowers in a vase give you a ready-made option which can simply be placed on a table to create a point of interest. The roses can be arranged to give the most natural and appealing display.

A range of pre lit table top trees are now available in a selection of styles and colours, with effective cherry blossom style shades which give an oriental edge to interior lighting.

If you prefer a more minimal style then a great option is pre lit twigs, they come in different colour and light combinations and can be arranged in a simple glass vase to add interest to a dark corner.

Similarly there is now a wide range of artificial topiary products which can add a simple but effective edge to your event. Round pre-lit topiary balls are a perfect addition to an entrance or to adorn the aisle.


For a heartwarming natural feel try battery powered tea lights or flickering pillar candles to give the gentle effect of a candle without the risk of an open flame. Group the pillar candles together in a hearth or as a centre piece. The tea lights are perfect for place settings or for scattering on tables as ambient lighting.

Multi coloured lit card clips are a great idea for an event to encourage guests to interact. Suggest they write down a message or quote and clip it up on the wall, they will enjoy reminiscing and laughing at each others notes.

Another ingenious product that has come about in the last few years is lit ribbons, a versatile item which allows you to wrap and illuminate in one go. They come in several different colours and look fabulous with a few faux presents, or even real ones, under a Christmas tree. Their 2m length is great for smaller projects or you can combine several to make a more substantial feature.

Finally there is of course the humble fairy light, an incredibly useful addition, available for use both indoors and out. New versions feature timers to ensure you don’t have to remember to switch them on and off every day.

Many different styles and colours can be had nowadays, like these battery popsicle lights. Perfect to create your own display, highlight an area of interest or add a little glam to your patio area for outdoor evening events.

Whatever style you choose you are free of the worry of trailing mains cables, plugs which may be interfered with or overloaded sockets.  Simply add batteries and enjoy.

This article was writen by Jennifer Ashby at UK Christmas World.