Dubai Festival of Light 2014

For the next 10 nights in a row Downtown Dubai will host one of the biggest light shows on the planet.

Emaar Properties has teamed up with Ville de Lyon's Festival of Light to bring this spectacular display to Dubai.

The display will cover the waterfront promenade, The Dubai Mall, right past the Burj Khalifa and along the full length and breadth of Downtown Dubai.

Every evening the light display will run from 7am until midnight and is free to attend.

Here are a some of the magnificent light displays Dubai has to offer this year:

Penants of the Party

Creator: Sébastien Lefèvre

Location: Burj Plaza Bridge

A real explosion of colour made from hundreds of flags which flutter in the breeze and reflect the water below. This work of art celebrates light, colour and movement and includes a huge
multicoloured LED projector that bring these 450 flags to life.

The Water Dragon

Creator: Bibi

Location: Burj Lake

This Water Dragon has a huge 30 metre long tail and built from an aluminium fame, inflatable fabric and recycled containers. Within the display are low energy LED's which change colour to match the dragons mood.

In all the Dragon weighs a staggering 10 tonnes!

The Big Tree

Creator: Jacques Rival

Location: Burj Plaza, Downtown Dubai

The Big Tree combines nature, urban space and magical light. Each branch is tastefully lit with LED's which reflect in the water. In all the tree measures 11 metres in height and is 9 metres wide and lit with over 3 kilowatts of light.

To find out more about the Dubai Festival of Light you can visit the official website by clicking 'here'.