How Many Icicle Lights Does My Home Need?

Our Outdoor Icicle Lights are a very popular decoration choice for many that really light up the outside of homes. With the festive season being well and truly underway, everyone is now trying to get their decorations and lights all sorted out!
If outdoor lights are your thing and you’re planning on treating yourself to a new set of Icicle Lights this year, keep reading!
One of the trickiest things about purchasing these kinds of lights is knowing exactly how many you need! But do not fear! This blog will provide the helping hand you need to calculate the perfect length of lights for your home.

All of our icicle lights come in a variety of colours and lengths and have ‘superbright’ LED lights. They come complete with a multi-function controller allowing you to change the speed of the snowing effect, so you can personalise them to your own taste. These are also supplied in a heavy duty box meaning you have somewhere safe to keep them between uses!


If you are looking to decorate 8-9m of your home you will need a set of 360 of our Snowing Icicle Lights.

Our 360 White Icicle Lights create a modern feel outside your home with their ice white glow, just like little snowflakes hanging from your home!


If you are looking to decorate 11-12m of your home you will need a set of 480 of our Snowing Icicle Lights.

Use a set such as our 480 Blue and White Lights for a wintry, vibrant atmosphere to your home this Christmas.


If you are looking to decorate 17-18m of your home you will need a set of 720 of our Snowing Icicle Lights.

For an eye-cathching and inviting display our 720 Warm White Icicle Lights are especially ideal for illuminating a modern or traditional home.


If you are looking to decorate 23-24m of your home you will need a set of 960 of our Snowing Icicle Lights

One of our largest sets of lights is our 960 Warm White Icicle Lights, perfect for decorating a large outdoor space. These will again will create a cosy, inviting atmosphere this Christmas.


We hope that this short blog will have given you enough advice to help you on your way to adding the perfect Icicle Lights to your home this Christmas! You can find our full range on our UK Christmas World website. 

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