How Many Lights Will I Need For My Christmas Tree?


This is a very common question that most of us will come across in the run up to the festive season! But in this blog we want to share our recommendations for how many LED lights you will need for different sized Christmas Trees, helping you on your way when organising your decorations this year! 

These figures of course may vary slightly depending on your personal taste. If you prefer an even fuller, brighter tree you may want to size up, equally if you prefer a more subtle lighting effect you may want to use a few less than recommended.

Please use our below numbers as a guideline.

Of course if you need any further help with choosing lights for your tree, please feel free to contact our friendly Christmas sales team. During office hours you can use our 'Live Chat' or call us on 01226 388889.



Perfect for a smaller tree, click here to see our sets of 100 Lights and other smaller sets of lights ideal for a 3-4ft tree!

Perfect for a 4-5ft tree, click here to see our sets of 200 Lights

Perfect for a 6ft tree, click here to see our sets of 360 Lights. If you fancy something a little bit different though we do a great range of cluster lights and tree bright lights.

For all our sets of 480 lights and other ideas click here to dress your 7ft tree!

If you're going for a larger 8ft tree this year, click here to see our sets of 600 Lights. Why not add a little extra sparkle and size up to the 720's or go for cluster lights instead?

Perfect for a 9ft tree, click here to see our sets of 720 Lights and other alternatives for an even larger tree!

For all our sets of 1000 lights and other stunning light sets click here to dress an impressive 10ft tree!


Perfect for a 12ft tree, click here to see our sets of 1200 Lights.


For the largest trees these sets of 2000 lights are perfect!

We hope you will find this guide helpful this Christmas, it can be a little confusing when it comes to working out how many Christmas Lights you're going to need!

Head over to our well-stocked UK Christmas World website to find all our wonderful Christmas Tree Lights, available in a whole range of sizes, styles and colours!