Lauren's Product Reviews - Animated Santa in Parcel

Here we are again for another UK Christmas World product review!
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Today’s blog looks at this week’s featured product, our Animated Santa in Parcel Display, where I walk through the set-up process and give a little bit of a review too. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing this product and want to know a little bit more about it, you’re definitely in the right place!

So when I got my hands on this product and got it opened up, I was pleased to see everything neatly packaged inside that you will need to get this decoration up and running. I was worried that there may have been a bit of assembly to this decoration but that certainly wasn’t the case. Even the lights are already connected!
It is mains powered so there’s no need to start digging around for batteries! Everything you’re going to need is inside that box. The packaging will also be great for storing this decoration in after use each year!



You also even get a few spare bulbs for the lights that are inside the parcel, when you need to start replacing them later down the line.

So now everything is unwrapped, I can say that I love the effect of this decoration! Even sat on its own, unplugged like it is here, I can appreciate that this will look great in the home in the daytime, without even having the lights on. You can enjoy this as a décor piece in the home throughout the day, then switch on at night for an extra surprise!


There is virtually no set up for this decoration, so if you’re looking for hassle free décor, this one is for you! When you’ve decided where you want to place your Santa (bear in mind this is for indoor use only) simply plug into the wall socket and enjoy! The lights and animation will start straight away!
The only issue with this being a mains powered decoration is that you need to find somewhere to display it that is near a wall socket. But the cable included with this decoration is fairly long at 2.5m so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this.  

Here’s our little Santa in action!...

There is also a video under the Animated Santa in Parcel Display website listing, if you want to check out the animation effect!

I think this will be a wonderful addition to homes with a traditional décor scheme, and a piece that the whole family will love. Kids will totally enjoy watching for Santa popping out of his present! This is bound to add some real festive spirit to your home. And how could you resist that cute little face playing peek-a-boo!!

The only tiny issue I had to start with was that the end of Santa’s beard kept getting trapped in the present lid! But with a little playing around tucking it in, this was soon resolved, and he didn’t have any more trouble!



There are 20 built in lights inside the present that emit a really inviting glow. The warm white coloured bulbs help to create the lovely, cosy, festive feel that everyone looks for at Christmas time. This looks super effective at night time, as you can see, and is sure to add some fun and charm to any Christmas display!



Overall, I really like this decoration and would certainly recommend if you love a classic, charming décor scheme like this! I think the animated effects can be enjoyed by everyone and I think the added lights really give it a special touch too. This would be ideal for placing on a table top, but would also look great displayed on the floor, I can just imagine it sat next to a Christmas tree beside the other twinkling lights and decorations!


You can find this Animated Santa in Parcel Display in our Animated Christmas collection on our UK Christmas World website. If you love this decoration, I’m sure you’ll love the rest of the items in there too! You can also find out more information there and be able to order one for yourself!

I hope this little product review will have given you a bit of helpful information if you’re looking for a decoration such as this, to help update your trimmings this Christmas time.
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