Lauren's Product Reviews - Lit Christmas Forest Scene

Welcome to another blog and another of our featured UK Christmas World products!

This is the second blog in this series, so as you may know, it’s my aim each week to take a closer look at some of our wonderful festive decorations and to give a little review of them. So if you’re looking for more information or inspiration when it comes to shopping our items, these blogs will hopefully come in handy!

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The product I’m going to be taking a look at this week is our Star Wooden Forest Scene.


So, upon unpacking this item from its bubble wrap sleeve, I really like the overall feel! The grey/brown wood has a lovely natural and rustic look which would make it great for shabby chic or modern décor, but would look equally as lovely in a traditional home too! The wood also has a slight faded, white wash look to it as you can see which gives it a little more of a wintry feel which I really like!


This decoration has some really lovely detailing on it which I feel makes it a great décor piece in the daytime, unlit, as well as when it is switched on in the night time.


So let’s get this decoration up and running!

There is basically no set up for this item, it really couldn’t be simpler! All you need to do it turn the frame over to locate the battery pack, where there’s a simple slide door to open the compartment.

Insert your 2 x AA batteries, just be aware these do not come included so be ready to start rifling through your kitchen drawer for a couple! They easily slot into the compartment, so slide the door back closed, you’ll hear a little click then you know it’s back in place!


Right next to the battery pack is where you’ll find the switch to turn the lights on. There is no timer function to worry about trying to figure out, which is great, just a simple on/off switch.

So when you’ve found the perfect spot to place your new light, go ahead and flick that switch!

And hey presto! Look how pretty this frame looks with the lights are on!



I was really impressed with how this looks when switched on! The warm white lights give it a really cosy and inviting feel, I think this will look wonderful on a window ledge or other table top surface in the home, I can just picture it on the side table in my living room! The forest scene silhouette design looks even more pretty with the lights on and gives a really nice effect.

Here’s a little closer look at that detail in the silhouette, it’s wonderful!

There are some little cut out star shapes around the edge of the decoration as well which make some lovely little projections that surround the main frame. So these will shine down on the table where it’s stood or perhaps onto the wall if you have it pushed up close. Either way I think this is a nice little addition to the main light effect!



I’m a big fan of this decoration, I really think it looks great, and love the colour, and wouldn’t mind adding this to my décor scheme! One tiny thing to bear in mind is that the wood that this is made out of is fairly thin, not a chunky wooden decoration, so as long as you take care and store it properly all will be good! It’s also still reduced in our sale too which is a bonus! So for £10 I think this is a real bargain!

You can find this Lit Woodland Scene Frame in our Indoor Display Lights section along with lots of other lovely décor pieces, where you can find more information and order one for yourself! Don’t forget to check back again next week where I take an look at another UK Christmas World featured product!