Lauren's Product Reviews - V Shaped Pine Candlebridge

Welcome to another UK Christmas World blog and this week’s featured product!

In this blog series I’m going to be taking a closer look at some of our fantastic products in the run up to the festive season, and giving a little review, making these perfect reading if you’re ready to start your Christmas preparations and want a little bit more of an insight into some of our items!
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This week I’m unboxing our V Shaped Pine Candlebridge for you, so let’s get going!...

This candle bridge decoration is from one of our main manufacturers, Premier, and comes delivered in a box as shown, which is great as this can be used for storing the item each year after use!

So upon unboxing I can see I have everything I need to get set up and running.
Inside the box you have the decoration and plug itself, but also an instruction and care guide as well an accessories order form from Premier. I thought this was really handy, as after years of use you may be ready to replace certain parts of the decoration, so to know there’s a simple and easy way to get hold of these replacement parts was a bonus for me! This order form covers bulbs, transformers and more, for when the time comes to update certain components.

Inside the box, you even have 1 replacement bulb, so make sure you keep this in a safe place!


To get this light up and running, there’s just the tiniest bit of assembly before the first use.
Due to the size of the item and its box, the top candle’s bulb comes separate, so you just need to screw this in before we can turn it on.
This is super simple to do, it fits in really easily and secures to the rest of the candle without any problems. Just ensure the power is off before you start to do this!   

And there we have our fully set up candle bridge ready for its big switch on!
I think the natural looking pine material will go down really well as it’s a great, neutral colour that will easily match with lots of different colour schemes.
All you need to do now is choose a spot in your home close to a plug socket, plug it in at the wall and switch on the on/off button…


And there we have it! Doesn’t it look lovely?!

When it’s turned on this candle bridge gives off a really cosy, inviting glow, making it the perfect addition to your home around Christmas time! The atmosphere it creates is actually very similar to that of a real candle, but this acts as a much safer alternative in that you don’t have to leave naked flames unattended! This is sure to create a very relaxing atmosphere in your home.

This lovely decoration will look fantastic in any room of the house and any window display, or even as a centre piece on your Christmas dining table!
The overall look of this product is absolutely perfect for a traditional style of décor, bringing a really classic vibe to the home!
While it’s not to my taste exactly, I can definitely appreciate the charm this decoration brings, and that it will illuminate any home brilliantly this Christmas time! I love the glow that the candles give off!


There’s also some festive foliage detailing around the base of each candle, which adds a great seasonal feel and a touch of greenery!


Overall I really like this candle bridge and I think it will be ideal for brightening up windows and table tops anywhere in the home.
The only downside for me is that as there’s only 1.5m of cable to work with which may limit your options slightly, depending on where you want to place it. Be sure to bear this in mind when you’re looking at the spot you fancy displaying it in, or to give yourself a little more stretch, you could easily add an extension cable if you don’t have a plug socket nearby.
But with this point sorted out, I think this candle bridge will really bring lots of joy in the home this Christmas and I’m sure you’ll love the glow of the candles in the night time as much as I do!

You can find this V Shaped Pine Candlebridge in our Candle Bridges section of our UK Christmas World website, where you can also find out more information and be able to order one for yourself! I hope this little product review will have given you a bit of helpful information if you’re looking for a light such as this to update your décor this Christmas time. Don’t forget to check back soon for more of my product reviews!