Lauren's Product Reviews - Vintage Design Christmas Lights

Welcome to another UK Christmas World blog and my featured product of the week!

In this series of blogs you may find some useful information and insights on products you might be looking to purchase. So feel free to browse the other Featured Product Blogs in the series for a closer look at some of our wonderful Christmas decorations! 

The product I’m going to be taking a closer look at this week is our Vintage Design Christmas Lights.

These lights are brand new to our Christmas range this year, so I was very much looking forward to taking a closer look at them! So as I get unboxing them, I’m pleased to see that they come well packaged in a polystyrene case, which will be great for storing these lights after use each year.

I was very impressed after removing them from the packaging, the little Christmas characters are so sweet and give a real classic vibe! These lights feature glass ornaments of presents, mittens, Santas, snowmen and stockings which are adorable to look at even before the lights are switched on. As I took these out of the box, they are bigger than I thought, which is a bonus I guess as they’ll make an even more impressive display wherever you choose to place them!
The ornaments are made from delicate glass so one main tip with these lights is to be very careful when using and storing them as they’re very fragile!

Getting these lights up and running couldn’t be easier! Since they’re battery powered there really is nothing to it. This power option is also a bonus as you don’t need to worry about finding a nearby wall socket. The battery compartment is easily opened and 3x AA batteries inserted, and then the lights are ready to go! Easy-peasy!
On the battery pack there also is the option to use the lights on a timer function, which is really handy as you then don’t need to keep remembering to switch them on each day, the lights will just turn on at the same time!

How amazing do these look when switched on?! I loved the little designs already, but now they look even more effective now the lights are on too!


They create such a lovely, cosy look, and they really would add Christmas spirit to your home! They made me feel all Christmassy even on a September morning! As you can see, the coloured glass ornaments are lit inside by a warm white LED, making these lights perfect for matching other multi coloured lights and decorations in the home.
Here’s a closer look at some of the ornaments which have some lovely detail too. These are the perfect choice of lighting to add to a traditional décor scheme this Christmas. I think the whole family will love these lights, with both children and adults enjoying the fun and charm from the vintage designs!


There is plenty of distance between each bulb, which makes them perfect for placing in and around the branches of a Christmas tree. I can also imagine these looking fantastic in other areas of the home too! Perhaps you would hang along a window or door display, or maybe they can be placed amongst a garland or wreath inside the home. Wherever you choose to hang them, I know they will look brilliant!

The only little downside for me is that the ornaments on the string of lights are placed with 2 of the same designs next to each other, whereas I would have preferred the ornaments to be placed in a random order along the string. This may not be an issue to most people but was just a little observation I made.


I’m a big fan of these lights, I really think they look great, and love the colours and traditional feel. They will certainly add something special to a classic Christmas décor scheme, and I think everyone will enjoy the charm and Christmas spirit of these lights.

You can find these Vintage Design Christmas Lights in our Indoor Display Lights section along with lots of other lovely décor pieces, where you can find more information and order some for yourself! Don’t forget to check back again next week where I take another look at another UK Christmas World featured product!