Solar Christmas Lights – The eco-friendly way to light up your Christmas!

Solar LED Christmas lights are the safe energy efficient alternative to mains powered lights and harness the suns natural light to store power during the day and come to life at night.

Add a seasonal glow to plants, trees, borders and pathways.

Of course the more the sun shines during the day the longer the lights will function at night. The built in photocell turns on when the sun sets and has a built in automatic timer which switches the lights off after 6 hours, saving the energy built up for the next evening. The solar panel even charges on cloudy days.

Solar lights are fast and easy to install, no wiring is needed making them far safer than conventional lighting.

Save money and the environment, Solar lights once purchased have no on-going costs as the power is generated naturally.

Let creativity shine with solar lights for every part of your garden, add sparkle to your eves, decorate window boxes, plants and trees.



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