Start Saving Early For Christmas 2013

Very few of us are lucky enough to enjoy financial stability over the festive period.  For some of us, it might be just an irritation of having to cut down on a few choice luxuries but for some of us it might mean getting ourselves into worrying debt.  If you’ve ever experienced trouble dealing with money at Christmas, you should try and counteract it this year by saving now.  December can be a very tight squeeze on your wallet, but a head-start can really take the sting out of its tail; you might even find that you have enough left over for an extra bottle of sherry!


Savings Account

If you have access to internet banking, this solution is incredibly easy and can be set up in less than five minutes.  Even if you don’t, it takes remarkably little time if you do it in branch too.  Opening a free savings account is a great way to start saving for Christmas, you can set up a direct debit form your current account and transfer money into the savings account every month.  Try and set up the direct debit to occur on the day you get paid, so you’ll feel the impact less and, hopefully, not notice it!  Some people will experience more success if they open a savings account with a different bank, as they won’t be able to see the amount accruing.  If the savings account is visible to you every time you log on to internet banking, you might be tempted to delve into it for a treat.



Food and Drink

There are more than a few of us who find our food and drink expenditure significantly higher than the money we spend on gift-giving.  If you’re the family who are always lumped with entertaining, you’re often also lumped with the bill too!  I bet you’re regretting that big dining table now…

Luckily, a lot of food and drink that we consume over Christmas has long best before dates.  Having a mental list of what you will need over December can help you save money.  Every time you go to the supermarket, keep an eye out for discounts, offers and deals on the items you need for Christmas.  We all know Christmas Puddings can last for years, things like flour, gravy granules, frozen vegetables, alcohol; all of these things can be bought months in advance when you spot a great chance to save money.  As is often the case with budgeting, preparation means savings.


Selling, Not Buying

October and November are huge selling opportunities, as more and more people try to snap up Christmas shopping early.  With a huge proportion of festive shopping now done on Amazon and eBay, you can cash in on the chance to sell some of your own possessions.  We’re all left with unwanted or unused gifts from last year’s haul, especially if there are children in the house.  During October and November, take advantage of eBay’s intermittent “zero insertion fee” weeks and weekends.  You can kill two birds with one stone here, freeing up space for this year’s gifts and getting some valuable extra cash in time for December.


Visit the shop to get your decorations, trees and lights early this year.  January and February offer huge discounts, just make sure you have somewhere to store all of the cut-price hangings until Christmas 2013!