The Trendy Christmas Jumpers Of 2013, Have You Got One?

The humble Christmas themed jumper was once a dreaded present from an eccentric Aunt but due to a recent revival is now enjoyed once more as a Christmas staple. They come in all shapes and sizes and range from tasteful to, shall we say, gregarious. The aim isn’t to look good, but feel good.


The Santa Suit Christmas Jumper, Exlusive To UK Christmas World

If you’re looking to extend the Christmas spirit to your attire then a jumper is the way forward. You may wish to choose a shop bought item or go the whole hog and either knit one yourself or call on that eccentric aunt and ask her to make you one to go for the most authentic look, or you can simply buy a handmade one; whatever the origin they’re a must have this year.

You can purchase many different types of Christmas jumper, here are a round-up of some of the ones we thought were great-

Comedy jumpers are now one of the best loved options for seasonal attire; we wear them for weeks before Christmas to ‘get in the mood’ aka stay warm. Usually featuring a bright cheerful depiction of Santa, reindeer, snowmen, penguins, Christmas trees etc, extra points are gained for oversized pom-poms.


The Penguin Christmas Jumper, Exlusive To UK Christmas World

For the more traditional among us you may wish to opt for a jumper which is thought to be the grandad of the modern seasonal pullover- The Fairisle Knit. This name was originally given to a particular style of jumper made on the small island off the coast of Scotland however has now been used to broadly describe jumpers featuring traditional patterns in muted palettes.

Recently Scandinavian design influences have been evident across the board and Christmas is another area where we have embraced the pared down patterns and love of red and white, so how about a jumper too-

For the less conventional family member how about a themed jumper, taking well known images and giving them a Christmas twist-

Star Wars

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Or for those hotter blooded types who couldn’t bear the thought of donning a knitted garment how about a Christmas jumper t shirt or vest-

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If you really want to embrace the seasonal sweater fashion you may wish to attend or even arrange your own Christmas Sweater Party. Originating 12 years ago, this tradition started with a trio of guys in the USA who wanted to enjoy the good honest Christmas pleasures like carolling, eggnog, tree decorating, mistletoe and the most important part, ugly sweathers! What began as a front room party is growing bigger every year; their last party attracted 1100 people and raised a great deal of money for charity.

Maybe a party just for silly jumpers isn’t your thing but who can refuse doing something so frivolous for charity; wear your sweater on the 13th of December and help raise much needed funds for Save the Children.

This article was writen by Jennifer Ashby, Christmas tree expert here at UK Christmas World.