Thinking of Christmas in September is actually a great idea.

Urgh...unfortunately the summer is coming to an end, and yet it really never got going at least weather wise.  Well since the summer has in fact flown it is actually a good thing because that means that we can start talking about Christmas 2011! Believe me, I know it is early as we are only just entering the first week of September however when it comes to Christmas being proactive and planning ahead is a great idea. As we all know Christmas is a stressful period for us all. With the all important christmas decorations to buy and set up, presents to buy, food for the dinner to buy, preparing the dinner, cooking the dinner and visiting the whole family there simply is not enough time. As of today there are 113 days left till Christmas, I know it may seem like a lifetime away but believe me it will fly by and before you know it it's the 24th of December and you are far from ready. Is it me or does it only seems like yesterday that it was Christmas last year. 

Here in the UK we love to take part in the joyful tradition of decorating things for Christmas. It is a simple fact, we love to add some fairy lights on our houses and add a bright and cheerful Christmas tree in our living room. There is nothing wrong with that, it's all in celebration of the holiday season. 

LED Christmas lights are becoming increasingly popular as they are far more energy efficient that the regular box standard fairy lights. It may be a thing to consider this year when you are decorating your homes, upgrading to LED lights will save a little money on the electricity bill. 

When decorating your Christmas tree, whether it be an artificial tree, pre-lit tree or even a real pine tree one thing is for sure you are going to need the tree essentials in order to make it pop. Here are the top 5 must have decorations for your tree.

1. Fairy lights, no tree is complete with out some multi-coloured or plain white lighting. Remember to consider upgrading to LED lights in order to save a little money. Not only that, they do appear to shine considerably brighter than regular lights.

2. Tinsel, adding a little tinsel to your Christmas tree as opposed to the USA is a tradition that is quite common here in the UK. Without going over the top, adding some shiny tinsel to your tree can really set it off. 

3. Baubles, adding some colour coded baubles to your tree adds that amazing Christmas feel to your tree. There really is no other time of the year where baubles are used making them unique to Christmas. 

4. Christmas tree stands, add the final touch to your Christmas tree and place it in a stand to add the extra sturdiness. I mean we don't want it falling over! 

5. Extension cables, I know it is not necessarily a decoration however it is essential. With all your fabulous fairy lights wrapped around your tree, they certainly need somewhere to be safely plugged in. 

Christmas really is a joyful time where friends and family come together to celebrate. As thousands of people take to the high street in a mad rush to gather all their decorations and presents, here at UK Christmas World we handle all the stress for you by making sure we have all the products in stock and ready to ship. All you need to do is tell us what you want sit back relax and wait for Santa to deliver it right to your door. No need to drag yourselves out in the cold this winter, sit back in the comfort of your own home with a cup of hot chocolate and last years Christmas slippers and order everything you need to decorate your home this year right here. 

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