UK Christmas World With Paul Toole - The Christmas Bloopers!

Last year we launched a selection of videos that featured the popular Paul Toole from Channel 4's documentary 'King of Christmas Lights'. Paul was kind enough to spend some time with us in creating over 80 videos for UK Christmas World which turned out to be a fantastic success both on our website video page, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Some of the videos were so popular with our fans that they received over 4,000 views in a matter of days. 

All in all we spent a total of three days shooting around 80 videos, so as you can imagine things were a little hectic around the film studio. We had to transport a huge selection of our most popular Christmas decorations and lights from our home office in Barnsley to the film studio which wasn't a simple as you may think.

With the videos been so popular we thought that it would be best to save the best till last. We didn't want to waste any of the footage filmed so we all sat down after Christmas and put together 'The Christmas Bloopers'.. sit back and enjoy. 

WARNING: This video contains strong language from the off set. 


UK Christmas World is rapidly becoming the number one choice in decorations and xmas lights. This year we have some thing special up our sleeves so make sure that you check back with us frequently on both the website and on our social channels for further updates.