XP Connectable LED Lights

With our new range of XP connectable LED's you really can let your imagination go wild this christmas with a wide variety of designs possible.

Here's our quick guide as to what you need to create the ultimate christmas light display. We are also on hand to run over your display and make suggestions, feel free to drop our team an email or call 01226 388889, we are open 7 days a week and here to help.

It really is quite simple to create a stunning light display this festive season.

What do you need to start with?

To begin each run of lights you will need a power pack, each pack can power up to 5,000 LED's. The power pack is suitable for use outdoors but to prolong it's life we would always suggest keeping it safe in a weatherproof dri-box.

The power pack comes with 1.5 metres of cable and a moulded plug.

Are the lights easy to connect together?

Yes, a simple male to female connection and a weathertight seal which is fully IP rated.

On the final string in the chain a blanking cap terminates the light set.

What XP items can be connected together?

Using our XP power pack you can connect:

XP string lights

XP net lights

XP curtain lights

XP icicle lights

XP wreath

XP garland

Remember 5,000 LED's can operate from just the one transformer. We also have a range of accessories available which can be used at any point within the light show. Accessories iclude a 5 metre and 10 metre extension cable and 2 way splitter. Accessories can be used at any point during the light display.

Here's a couple of examples of basic light displays using XP Connectables around the outside of your home and garden.

XP Connectable Festoon Lights

If you are wanting to use XP festoon connectable lights in your display please see our additional comments below.

XP festoons are new to our connectable range this season. In order to power these lights you need to start the display with a special XP Festoon Power Pack.

From this once you have the festoons connected you can then connect any other XP product to the chain. And again connect up to 5,000 LED's.

festoon1  festoon 2 festoon 3

Why choose XP connectable lights over standard Christmas lights?

Our range of XP lights are of the finest quality and manufactured to high standards. The cables are made from rubber and all the sets go through rigorous testing before leaving the factories.

XP connectables are also designed last extreme weathers and can be used all year round. They are perfect for commercial installations. Each year we provide light displays to shopping centres, hotels, pubs and theme parks.

As with all our items we have a knowledgable team who are here to help. We can even help you with your designs! Use the live chat on site or send your questions/ requirements to info@ukchristmasworld.com.

We aim to reply during the day to emails within a couple of hours.


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