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Christmas Lights for Weddings!

Lights aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for all your celebrations! No matter what kind of wedding you’re throwing, lights are a big part of the festivities. They’re used to create ambience in a room, set the mood of your centrepieces, and encourage you to throw some crazy shapes on the dancefloor (don’t worry, we’ve all done it!). To help you get it right, here are our top picks for wedding lighting. We’ll expect our invites in the post later!

Christmas Lights for Weddings

First up, we have the festoon light. Festoon lights are the ultimate party light and are a particularly great choice if you’re going for a boho or retro feel. Big bulbs equal big impact! Festoon lights are perfect for any wedding theme – they will immediately enhance your space whether it’s a barnyard theme, a country manor or an industrial setting. Think of them as an instant face lift for your venue! These beautiful big bulbs can be placed anywhere. We love them when they’re used bunting style in a marquee, wrapped around beams for a shabby chic touch or used as pathfinders to light your way. We have lots of options in our festoon range, but for a wedding, we’d recommend the classic warm white bulbs or for a touch of glitz and glam, use the gold crackle option. Swoon!

Classic Festoon Christmas, Barbecue, Wedding, Big Bulb Party Lights

Next up, we have some of our lovely lanterns. We simply have too many to show you them all, so we’ve just selected a couple. Lanterns are a wonderful choice for weddings as they instantly create an intimate moment. If you’re worried your venue is a little bare at the top of the aisle, place a couple of lanterns where you and your beloved will be exchanging vows. Or why not bring some added interest to your venue by placing a lantern at the end of each pew or row of chairs. A lantern nestled amongst flower petals also looks amazing and would make a chic centrepiece for your tables. For a vintage or industrial feel, we suggest our White Metal Lantern with Retro Bulb and Warm White Micro LEDs to compliment any colour scheme. If you’ve opted for a more rustic, boho vibe, our LED Wooden Lantern with Flickering Candle will add an organic feel to any décor. Decisions…decisions…

Lantern Centrepiece for Christmas and Weddings

As you might have guessed, we love all things Christmas and a winter wedding is no exception! If you’re going for a winter or Christmas themed wedding, bring the December embellishments with our Micro LED Wreath with White and Silver Decorations. This would be perfect for your bridesmaids to carry as they accompany you down the aisle or would look great hung on a wall or in a window using some ribbon for a romantic element.


Warm White LED Lit Star Wreath

 Wooden Wedding Star Centrepiece Decoration

If stars are your thing, then you’ll be absolutely enchanted by our 60cm Star with Warm White Micro LEDs. This would also be great as a window decoration as it’s perfect for hanging. With almost 2000 warm white LED lights, it really packs a punch whilst still maintaining a milky aura of light. We’d love to see these placed down the centre of a long table. This star is especially versatile as it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is double sided, meaning it can be admired from all angles. Perfect for hanging or standing!

Micro LEDs are a must for any wedding! They will add a gorgeous glow to absolutely anything you like – prepare yourself for the Midas touch! These battery powered Warm White Ultra Bright LEDs couldn’t be easier; they have a wire structure to them, so you can shape them however you like. They’ll add a little something special to glass bowls, lanterns, floral displays and can even be used in bottles. No centrepiece is complete without them!

Pin Wire Lights

We’re also serving you this beautiful 1.8m Lit Garland with Berries and Ivy. This would make a tasteful top table arrangement, but no arranging necessary as we’ve done it all for you. Simply place, stand back and admire.

Our Commercial Curtain Light would make a stunning backdrop for any wedding and would have a spectacular impact on your guests. These cascades of light can be used inside and out, and are perfect for dividing a room or hanging behind your top table, dancefloor or stage area. They’re also super cool, so there’s no reason not to!

Curtain Light Warm White for Christmas and Weddings

In the interests of safety (and who’s not interested in safety?), we recommend going for flameless candles. These are a fuss-free option that means you’re not worrying about your dress catching fire, but don’t have to compromise on the magic conjured up by a dancing flame!

Trio Flickering Flameless Candles

We hope we’ve managed to illuminate you on all things lighting. Now…cheers to a wonderful wedding and a long life of harmonious and happy marriage!


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