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Christmas Storage & Organisation

After all the fun of the festive season, the time comes around when the decorations have to be taken down! Whilst this is a sad time for us Christmas lovers, it doesn't have to be the trickiest job in the world!

Here at UK Christmas World we have some great tips and storage product ideas, that will help keep your beloved decorations safe and organised all ready for next year!

Even if you find you've already packed away your decorations now, it's not too late to get into the loft or garage and re-organise - trust us, you'll thank yourself when next Christmas comes around!

To start with, have a good sort through your current decorations to decide if there's anything you don't want to keep. After all this would just be taking up unnecessary space and will also save a job next festive season. These may be broken or just not to your taste anymore, or perhaps you're just wanting to refresh your décor next Christmas. Anything you don't want/need can be recycled or if it's still in good condition, donated to charity where it may bring someone else joy at Christmas! 

Next, time to organise! We recommend doing this by room, colour or decoration type e.g. all strings of lights together, or all table centerpiece items in one box. Having this amount of organisation will save you a lot of mess and hassle next Christmas and saves rummaging through lots of boxes to find a certain decoration!

Here at UK Christmas World we have a great Bauble Organiser, perfect for keeping the same types of baubles and decorations neat and all together!

This stores up to 24 x 8cm baubles and features a handy c
ardboard insert to separate and organise your decorations. Easy peasy! 

We also have a fantastic Light Storage Reel for all of your Christmas lights! This is perfect to avoid tangles and damage. You can then store the filled reels in their own boxes, keeping outdoor lights in one box or lights for the tree in another etc.

We also have a Small Storage Box that is ideal for sets of lights or smaller décor items. This durable box comes complete with click and twist secure lid and you can also stack a number of these on top of each other, keeping everything nice and neat!

You can't forget to take care of your Christmas Tree too! After all this is the focal point of your home décor so it must be stored as safely as possible to ensure you get years of use out of it!
We have the perfect Christmas Tree Storage Bag available on our website that will protect yours from dust and dirt and keep the branches in tip top condition. Larger trees can be broken down into parts and stored in this bag, and mini trees that are 4ft and under can go straight in! With sturdy handles, durable, protective fabric and a side storage pocket included, this is the perfect storage solution!

Finally, make a note of what's where!
It's a good idea to make a list of the exact box contents on pieces of paper then tape these to the outside of the storage boxes. This way you don't have to open every single one up to find out where it needs to go, making your decorating next year even easier. 


We hope you've found these decoration storage tips helpful, be sure to check out the featured products on our UK Christmas World website.

Happy organising! 

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