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How Many Lights Do I Need For My Christmas Tree?

When starting to plan your Christmas tree lighting, it can be tricky and confusing knowing where to start!

That's why we've put together this handy guide, to work out how many lights you'll need for your Christmas tree this year - we hope you find it helpful!...

Our sets of 100 Lights are perfect for a smaller, 4ft tree!

Perfect for a 5ft tree, click here to see our sets of 200 Lights. If you prefer your tree really well lit up though, you can always size up on your lights! 

Perfect for a 6ft tree, click here to see our sets of 360 Lights. If you fancy something a little bit different we do have a great range of cluster lights and 'Treebright' lights too.

Our sets of 480 lights are just right for dressing your 7ft tree!

Ideal for an 8ft tree, click here to see our sets of 600 Lights. Why not add a little extra sparkle and size up or try some cluster lights?

Perfect for a 9ft tree, click here to see our sets of 720 Lights and other alternatives for a larger tree!

Our sets of 1000 lights are just what you'll need to create an impressive light display for your 10ft tree!


For the ultimate Christmas tree! Our sets of 2000 Lights are perfect for larger trees of 12ft+ and can be used both in and outdoors and for residential and commercial displays.


If you need any further help in choosing lights for your tree please feel free to contact our friendly Christmas sales team! 

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