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How to Pack Away Christmas Decorations Like A Pro!

After a season of merriment and joy, it’s finally time to pack away all your Christmas decorations. But it can be a hassle to pack everything away in a way that makes sure your decorations will last for years to come. Never fear—we have some tricks up our sleeve to make packing your holiday decorations a breeze and make sure you don’t end up in a tangle of fairy lights and baubles!

Pack Away Christmas Decorations Like A Pro

Gather Supplies Before You Start

Before you start putting your decorations away, make sure you have all the supplies you need. You'll want boxes or bins of different sizes so you can store all your items in an organized way. It's also helpful to have labels and markers so you know what's in each box. And if possible, grab some packing peanuts, tissue paper or bubble wrap—they're especially useful when packing fragile items.

Packing Up Your Tree

The first step in packing away your decorations is taking down your tree. If you have an artificial tree, start by removing the ornaments first and placing them in a box or container that won’t be easily damaged. Our Bauble Storage Bag is a fantastic choice as not only does it have a pocket for every bauble or tree trim, but it’s stackable, saving you storage space in your loft!

Preparing Your Lights

Once all the baubles and tree trims are removed, it’s time to turn your attention to the lights. Our LED String Lights on Cable Reel are a life-saver; you can wind your lights off your tree and on to the storage wheel. More importantly, your future self will thank you next year – simply wind your lights off the reel and on to the tree. No nonsense and no knots! Finally, once your lights are tidied away, consider labelling each light set so that everything is easier to find when next year rolls around.

Once the lights are removed, carefully disassemble each tree branch from the trunk before folding it up as small as possible for easy storage. Artificial trees usually come apart into three sections, so take out the screws and separate them before putting them into a tree storage bag. Our Premium Tree Bag version comes with a pocket for your tree stand and your fittings which means no more lost screws!

Organising Ornaments and Other Decorations

Once you’ve stripped your tree of its lights and arranged your baubles, it’s time to focus on ornament organisation! Once you’ve bubble wrapped your items, you can use old fabric clothing bags or pillowcases to make sure they remain dust free. And make sure you take out your batteries ahead of time. We don’t want any leaky acid accidents where Christmas decorations are concerned!

Say ‘Wreath’!

When it comes to wreaths, we’ve got you covered. Or them covered actually! Store wreaths securely and safely, with our Premium Christmas Wreath Storage Bag. Not only does it protect your Christmas show-stopper, it has a sturdy carry handle so you can pack and unpack with ease.

Packing away Christmas decorations doesn't have to be a hassle! By following these tips on how to store your Christmas decorations like a pro, you'll find yourself packed up and ready for next holiday season all in one go! Whether it's organising lights, packing fragile items carefully, or labelling boxes, these tricks can help save time and stress when taking down your holiday décor this year! Happy packing!

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