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Our Top 7 Christmas Themes

Christmas is nigh and it’s time to start decorating. It’s time for a new theme, but you’re not sure what to choose. We’ve rounded up our top seven Christmas themes to help you narrow it down. Decisions decisions…

Nordic Minimalist style dressing table with mirror hanging and pampas grass in glass vase. Grey Christmas gonk beside the pampas grass

1. Nordic

If you’re a lover of the Scandinavian touch, then Nordic is your kinda theme! It’s all about keeping it simple, with natural materials and a minimalist feel. First thing’s first, let’s start with the tree! Our 7ft Luxury Woodland Fir Christmas Tree is the perfect way to cheat! It’s artificial, so no nasty needles, but fear not, it’s lush branches give it that ‘plucked straight from a Norwegian forest’ vibe! For a realistic scent of the woods, use our fir scented tree hangers – they release a fresh pine fragrance that will last all Christmas long!

All that’s left to do is adorn, adorn and adorn again! You can add lights or let the greenery do the talking! If you do opt for lights, we suggest keeping it clean with dainty pin-wire lights and micro-LEDs. We prefer warm white to help create a cosy ambience.

To help bring a touch of the natural world into your home, we recommend one of our Christmas tree skirts in natural willow – the hardest part is choosing between brown or washed grey. If you can’t decide, there’s only one thing for it…have both!

Set of 30 White Mixed Size Christmas Tree Baubles  
Tray of 12 Grey Shiny and Matt Christmas Tree Baubles

When it comes to baubles, we like to keep things streamlined and go for all white with a hint of metallic. Start with the white baubles peppered throughout your tree and then nestle some individual baubles in between to break it up a bit.

We recommend starting with this set of 30 White Mixed Tree Baubles which are super stunning as they include various sizes and textures for added interest. Next, we’d go for the 84 Mixed Silver and White Mega Pack which include snowflakes and pinecones because, well…why not?!

Add some dimension to your show-stopper with our Grey Baubles – these are the perfect accompaniment to a Nordic theme as their quilted effect emulates the natural shape of pinecones.

What tree would be complete without love and joy? Our Glass Text Baubles are great for adding some personalisation to your Scandinavian Spruce and their handwritten scrawl and rope hangers mean they’re a truly unique option!

Last but not least, we need a tree-topper and what could be more appropriate (and sweet!) than this glorious, grey gonk? These curious little creatures stem from Nordic and Scandinavian mythology making them a fitting choice and the soft grey colour is sure to enhance any room!

2. Night Sky

What could be more magical and wintry than the crisp, clear night sky on a December evening? Unsurprisingly, this theme is centred around shades of blue to reflect the night sky, while touches of silver and white nod towards the stars and snow.

We’re in love with this gorgeous pack of 42 Mixed Night Blue Glass Baubles as they come in assorted finishes and add texture to your design as well as being this delicious shade of navy blue! With these speckled throughout your tree, it’s time to add some accent baubles.

This set of 9 Winter Sky Baubles are great for adding dimension and shine. If you prefer something a little more sparkly, you could also opt for these Blue and Silver Sequin Christmas Tree Decorations for a touch of glitz and glam!

However, you simply can’t miss out on our Iridescent Glass Bauble with White Stars – simply stunning!

Luxury Box of 42 Mixed Night Blue Glass Bauble Tree Decorations
Iridescent Blue Glass Christmas Tree Bauble with White Stars

Of course, you’ll be needing a place to hang these dreamy decorations – the Christmas tree! We would recommend a snow-flocked style to complement the dark and moody blue hues. Our frontrunners have to be the 7ft Lausanne Fir and the 6.6ft Noble Flocked Spruce for their thick, powdery snow! If putting the green in evergreen is more your style, these decorations would suit a tree without snow, or maybe you’d just like a light sprinkling? Check out our White Felt Christmas Tree Skirt if this is the case.

What tree would be complete without lights? For a Night Sky theme, we love twinkly ice white lights like these 750 White Treebrights to emulate the starry skies. Fab-u-lous!

Now your tree is complete, why not add a decadent wreath to your door to set the tone of your display before guests arrive. Our 40cm Bauble-esque Wreath in sapphire blue, white and silver tones. Winter wonderfulness in one! 

3. Mixed Metals

One metal or many? Sometimes, more is more! We’d recommend sticking to two shades to keep your decorations on theme and stop your metals from getting too messy! We’ve opted for classic silver and gold, but you can pick whatever you prefer! For this look, we recommend a more neutral tree such as black, green or white to let the metals take centre stage! After lights (choose between warm white or ice white), it’s time to bauble up those branches!

To start with, we’d spread this set of Silver and Champagne Mixed Bauble Pack throughout the bows or your tree. This is a really great starting point, as not only are the colours mixed, but the shapes and the textures are assorted also, giving added dimension to your look.  

After this, dot some more showstopping decorations in between. For a festive feel, we love these glass prosecco flutes which come in a silver and gold twin pack and can be paired beautifully with this Gold Beaded Prosecco Bottle.

Just because we’ve stuck to two colours doesn’t mean we’ve stuck to two shades! We suggest mixing your shades up to create different tones throughout your tree. We’re currently crushing on these Misty Grey Glitter Baubles for the soft shimmer they create. They make a perfect couple together with our Luxury Transparent Gold Sparkle baubles!

Set of 12 Misty Grey Glitter Shatterproof Christmas Tree Baubles
Pack of 12 Transparent Baubles with Gold Glitter Detail

Sometimes all that glitters is gold…or silver! For something with a bit more glitz and glam, we recommend our silver or gold baubles with glitter detailing. These beaded beauties are sure to steal the show!

To pull everything together, our Tray of 12 Transparent Baubles with Gold Glitter Detail and our Tub of 20 Assorted Gold Baubles are a fantastic choice!

4. Candy Cane

If you’re looking for something a bit more colourful, Candy Cane will not disappoint! Those red and white swirls will add some festive fun and Christmas charisma to your display and are a joy to look at!

Rather than a sable under the tree, we’d like to find these neat Red and White LED Lit Christmas Presents! Their red bows will match the candy cane theme perfectly and really anchor the display.

For lights, we love ice white lights, or if we’re feeling a bit extra (let’s face it, when are we not?), we might opt for these Vintage Gold and Red Treebrights to add a touch of warmth to the glow from our tree.

Pack of 12 Transparent Baubles with Heart Design and Red Confetti   Red and White Swirls Glass Christmas Tree Bauble

Bring on the baubles! Candy cane is a great theme because you don’t have to overthink it. If you’re going for a more precisely placed look, then you can take your time and consider each decoration. However, if you’re in a rush, the candy cane theme is your new best friend. You can adopt a ‘throw decorations at the tree and hope for the best’ kind of attitude and it will still come out great. We’re telling you – it works every time! It’s a joyful jumble that instantly screams Christmas!

For plain baubles, we suggest this assorted pack of red, white and silver – why make life difficult for yourself when you can buy a pre-made blend?! Then for those signature swirls, we recommend this stunning tray of 12 Red and White Glass Decorations with a few of the Red and White Swirls Glass Bauble dotted in. For added interest, we💖 these clear glass baubles stuffed with red confetti hearts.

5. Rainbow

Subtlety not your strongest point? Go big or go home with a rainbow theme! We’ve included lots of options for you, from the garish to the understated so you can create your very own rainbow of dreams!

This time, we’re going to start outside. For a rainbow display, these icicle lights are an absolute must! The pastel shades create a sense of Christmas magic and enchantment. The fact that they’re super pretty (and yes, that is a fact!) is just a bonus!

Our brand new giant rainbow nutcrackers come in an array of colours and are ideal for making a real statement this Christmas. How cute do they look?!

Rainbows make great silhouettes thanks to their striking arc shape, making them ideal for outdoor motifs, window lights and wall lights. If you’re in the mood for a giant silhouette, look no further than our 1.2m Rainbow Sparkle Light – great for a wall or fence.

Alternatively, you might feel more like a window light to provide a soft (or not so soft!) glow to your windowsill. For this, we’re serving this Double Sided LED Rainbow Shape which is perfect for hanging as it has a built in suction cup and invisible string!

Other options include this Neon Rainbow Light which takes on a more stylised design, or our cute-as-a-button Rainbow Acrylic. Both these pretty pieces are free-standing, making them very versatile and a charming choice for a tabletop decoration.

These would be especially effective if placed in a child’s bedroom and could be used all year, every year. Consider yourself served!

When it comes to Christmas lights, we just won’t quit. For a rainbow theme, you’ve got to go for rainbow lights! Our 1000 Rainbow Time Lights are the obvious choice, but if you’re after something a little more groovy, don’t discount our 360 Digital Rainbow Cluster Lights. Both are multi-functional including anything from static to twinkle to flash, so you can mix and match your settings and your colours! Win, win!

Neon Rainbow Window Light   360 Digital Rainbow Colours Cluster Lights with Timer

For a rainbow theme, it’s compulsory to have baubles. Baubles everywhere! First of all, take any multi-coloured pack of baubles, such as our Set of 60 Purple Pink Blue and Green Mixed Bauble Pack, and spread them throughout your tree.

Once you have all those in place, you’ll need to move on to what we like to call ‘the spacer baubles’. We have a lovely collection for you to choose from. We think these rainbow swirl baubles are an absolute must.

Go for either or both as the rainbow glass onion bauble and the spherical rainbow bable shapes will complement each other whilst adding a bit of diversity! For a more subtle touch that still encompasses the rainbow theme, we love iridescent glass baubles and tree trims. We’ve got quite the selection: choose from green or purple glass with an iridescent finish in a green olive shape, a green onion shape, a purple onion shape or a purple sphere. We think a mixture looks simply divine! Decisions, decisions…

If making a choice is simply too difficult, maybe you’d be better suited with a clear iridescent glass star or maybe our tray of iridescent sphere baubles with gold detailing? These are a real crowd pleaser and won’t be around for long so pluck ‘em and place ‘em quick! Whatever you decide, it’s guaranteed to look great!

6. Best of British

For the more patriotic, there’s always the British theme to fall back on. Red, white and blue do make a stellar combination after all! To ensure guests will ‘get’ your theme, this design focuses mainly on the spacer baubles rather than the main trims, so you’ll need lots of one-off pieces. After that, it’s simply a case of filling it out with the trusty red, white and blue shades!

London designs just scream British, so we’d start with decorations the conjure up the capital. What could be more London than a London Bus dangling delicately from your tree? Keeping the vehicle theme, a typical black London taxicab glass bauble would pair perfectly. Our London Scene Handmade Glass Decoration would add weight to the existing city sights – an image plucked straight from the banks of the Thames, it features Big Ben and the London Eye!

Handmade Glass Big Ben Iconic London Christmas Tree Decoration   London Scene Handmade Glass Christmas Tree Decoration

The supporting act? Our quad of iconic London themed decorations showcasing a bus, a telephone box, Big Ben and a classic…the Full English breakfast!

What’s better than one Big Ben? Two Big Bens! Our handmade glass Big Ben tree trim is as stunning as the clock itself and is particularly enchanting thanks to its subtle green accents. The emerald shade adds brightness to the decoration, making it extra twinkly when it’s hung on your tree!

Our ruby red post box with its sprinkling of snow is a traditional, yet timeless seasonal scene. The rich scarlet colour will complement just about any theme, but works particularly well with the Best of British owing to its matching colours, reflective finish and nostalgic feel.

Now that we’ve covered the London themed decorations, it’s time to move on to the spacer baubles! For British themes, you have to stay within the parameters of the colour scheme, so we’ve got more red, white and blue coming right up! We’ve moved away from the classic royal blue and have chosen a navy shade for a contemporary twist on a classic colour. For midnight tones, we’ve got two options and both contain mixed textures. The Luxury Box of 42 Night Blue Baubles contain shiny, matte and textured finishes, while the Pack of Ten Night Blue Glass Christmas Baubles contain purely a blend of shiny and matte finishes. The choice is yours! Personally, we think a combination of all finishes creates a fantastic fusion!

You hear Christmas, you see red. Dedicate as large a portion as you like to this fiery shade for a super festive feel! For a sparkly finish we recommend our red glitter finish baubles which are encrusted with tiny beads. If you’re after something  a little different, the crushed velvet effect on our red swirl baubles would be the perfect choice – let the eye catching details do the work and hey presto, a rich feel to your tree! To fill out these decadent decorations, there’s the trusty multi-pack. Our favourite has got to be the set of 20 Red Mixed Size Tree Baubles as they have both assorted sizes and assorted finishes!

That’s the blue and red taken care of, now onto the white! We love whites that are enhanced with a little sparkle for extra dimension and twinkle. We adore our Pack of 9 White and Silver Baubles with a unique pattern on each. To co-ordinate with the red glitter baubles, we’d suggest this tray of 12 Blush Glitter Baubles - the encrusted beads create a pearlescent finish and are a great way to keep the white shades from looking too stark.

To complete your Best of British display, we recommend sticking to red, white and blue tones throughout the rest of your home to maintain a coherent theme. Just because you can’t change the colours, doesn’t mean you can’t play around with shades and textures though! Have fun!

7. Winter Wonderland

Who can resist a Winter Wonderland for their seasonal display?! As you might have imagined, we’ll mainly be sticking to white for this colour palette, but who could turn down a touch of gold and blush to warm things up a little?

To set the scene, we’re going to need some snow. We love our 2m snow carpet as you can cut it to size and even snip shapes out of it. Want some icicles? No problem, just grab a pair of scissors and you’re sorted! Looking for a snowdrift? Your wish is our command – simply fold the carpet over to create a thicker effect. Any Winter Wonderland theme simply wouldn’t be complete without snow flock for tree branches and pine cones! We rate our 600ml Giant Decorative Snow Spray for being easy to control and delivering the perfect amount of snow every time. Spray away!

If you’re hesitant to start dousing your Christmas tree in snow spray, fear not! Feathers to the rescue! Our 6ft white feather boa Christmas garland will give a chic, snowy effect with zero effort. We know, right!

Speaking of feathers, there’s plenty more where that came from. Dot a handful of our clip on birds with feathers around your tree for an enchanted woodland feel. The diamantes on the birds are really accentuated when paired with our glass pinecone Christmas decorations – the combination of dainty glass with a frosted finish creates eye-catching detailing.

For more tinkly glass baubles, we’re serving gorgeous feather-topped gems for a luxurious touch. Our current favourites are our oval shaped white feather crackle baubles (who could say no to crackle glass with an iridescent finish?!) and our spherical white feather shatterproof tree baubles which are peppered with stunning sequins. For a touch of subtlety, we suggest our olive-shaped grey and silver glitter pillow bauble with its nod to the art deco era!

White Feather Crackle Bauble   Grey with Silver Glitter Pillow Glass Olive Tree Decoration

Now it’s time to warm up our wonderland worthy white palette with some gold and blush tones. For an easy starting point, we’d recommend our velvet pink, blush pink and pearl Christmas tree baubles for their pearlescent finish and blend of rosy shades. To complement the pearly pink tones, our rose gold glass drop decoration is an absolute must! Not only will it aid the transition into gold, its distinctive shape enhances all the baubles we’ve previously mentioned. We honestly don’t know how we lived all these Christmases without it!

Last, but not least, we’re going for gold! Add touches of champagne, rose gold and yellow gold in and amongst your winter whites. We’d go for this set of 20 light gold baubles as they have assorted sizes and finishes, or our pack of 24 rose gold multi-finish baubles. Adding a blend of sizes and finishes helps to add depth and dimension to your tree and prevent your theme from looking too regimented. It should be fun, after all! For the finishing touch, our gold glitter bird decoration will add glint and glamour to your tree and is a contemporary shape to boot!

If you’ve managed to read this far, thank you! We hope we’ve managed to shed some light on how to get the best out of these Christmas themes! Happy decorating!

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