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Premier Christmas Lights

With our extensive range of Premier Christmas lights, it can often lead you to wonder “so what’s the difference?

We love that we are able to offer you so much choice in order to make your display exactly as you envision. Here’s a little break down which may help you out:

LED TreebrightsTreeBrights

Specially designed for trees.

Smaller LEDs which mean there are almost 4 times as many LEDs per metre as regular lights.

25 Metres of TreeBrights will consist of 1,000 LEDs whereas your standard string lights will only have around 300-400 LEDs.

Our TreeBrights can be used both indoors and outdoors and come with a multi-function controller and 2 year guarantee.

LED ClusterbrightsCluster Lights

Excellent for Christmas trees, bushes, banisters, gutters, mantelpieces, doorframes and windowsills.

Cluster lights are tiny LEDs gathered together on a central cable creating a luminous caterpillar of light that crawls around a Christmas tree.

25 Metres = 2,000 LEDs.

All our cluster lights come with 8 metres of lead cable and a controller with various functions including flash, fade and static.

LED SupabrightsSupaBrights

String lights such as our ever-popular SupaBrights are lights that are spaced evenly along a wire for a look that is neat and even.

SupaBrights give an even glow that is often best suited for trees but also looks good on the outside of your home along guttering.

These lights are suitable for use both inside and outside and come backed with our 2 year guarantee for extra piece of mind.

LED MicrobrightsMicroBrights

Micro LEDs running through a wire cable. Conveniently bendy, so the lights actually stay put where you want them to stay put. These are great for table settings, bottle lights, garlands, running along picture frames… get creative!

When buying lights for outside your home don't forget your weatherproof DriBox - our customers favourite choice when looking to house cables and transformers outside safely. 

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