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TreecyclingWhether you’ve opted for a tabletop or a magnificent giant this season, the time has come to finally say goodbye to our ‘firry’ friends…the Christmas tree! Instead of your tree going to waste in landfill, show your tree some appreciation and make the most of its lifespan by recycling it!

Here's how...


Ready, steady, pot!

Replant your Christmas tree in a pot outside to breathe new life into its branches. Be careful to make sure that the roots are still attached so it can continue to grow from year to year! An outdoor potted porch tree makes an attractive feature outside your home – why not drape your tree in lights next Christmas for an enchanting effect?!  


Mulch, mulch and more mulch…

When life throws you pine needles, make mulch! Making mulch for your garden is a great way to put your Christmas tree to good use whilst giving local wildlife a helping hand. Simply shred your tree and sprinkle the mulch around the edges of your garden to provide a cosy home for insects and enrich the soil. If shredding isn’t an option for you, you can usually deliver your tree to a local recycling centre where your tree will be reborn as wood chippings or even soil.


Coaster to coaster 

For a crafty and inexpensive project after the festive season, we recommend upcycling your tree into coasters; it’s a cute way to keep your pine tree around for longer and can also double as a thoughtful gift idea for upcoming birthdays or even next Christmas. Why not personalise your coasters with colourful paints or turn them into eco-friendly tree decorations so you’re super organised for the following festive season?! Just be sure that the trunk has dried out properly or you might get more than you bargained for and end up in a sticky, sappy mess!

Wooden Coasters
Pine Needle Bags

Pining for freshness

Whilst the pine needles on your tree are still alive and green, you can strip the tree and deposit the needles into a bag or sachet to refresh your home. These fragrant pouches make sweet token gifts for your loved ones or for you and your sock drawer! We also love the idea of infusing the needles in a bottle of water - simply spritz around your home for an instant refresh! It’s that easy!


We love treecycling! We love treecycling!

If these ideas simply aren’t enough for you, a charity that offers ‘treecycling’ should do the trick! Lots of charities and organisations take leftover Christmas trees and use their sturdy trunks and branches to build flood barriers in rivers and streams around the country – helping you and helping nature!


Whether you’re a green-fingered wizard or crafting is more your thing, we’re sure there’s a way for all of us to get the best from their tree this year!

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