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What are the Best Lights for Outside Your Home?

When it comes to choosing Christmas Lights there is so much choice! Too much choice perhaps! So where do you start?

If you're not sure what kind of Outdoor Lighting to go for when browsing on our site, we hope this blog will give you a little guidance!

If you need more help or a second opinion, our friendly sales team are always on hand to guide you through any of our products!

So where to start?...

The first thing to consider is what style are you looking to create, we have lots of fantastic options that create a snowing effect, or where you can choose from many functions such as flashing or fade etc.
So it all depends on personal preference!

If you looking for the popular snowing effect, our Outdoor Icicle Lights are a fantastic choice!

This style of lighting is available in a whole range of sizes and colours to suit all homes, ranging from 240 icicles to 960! These are ideal for dressing the outside of your home, hanging them from the guttering and fascias of your home! They come with a speed controller and timer function, so once they're fixed into place, you can enjoy them hassle free through the festive season!
Available in white, warm white and blue and white, we have something to suit any taste!

For versatility and wonderfully bright LEDs, why not choose our Outdoor Cluster Lights?

Again, these are available in a whole range of sizes and colours including ice white, vintage gold, multi-coloured and rainbow (pictured above). These are so adaptable as they can be used in a similar way to the Icicle Lights, by hanging them from your guttering, but they can also be used to trim outdoor trees, windows, doorways and more! These also come with a multi-function settings as well as a memory function meaning you can set them to just the right style for you! Cluster Lights, as stated in their name, feature lots more LED bulbs for each portion of the string, giving you a lovely full effect! As a bonus, these can be used both indoors and out, so you can ensure all of your festive lighting matches through the home! 

You can't go wrong with a classic string light either - our Outdoor String Lights are always a popular choice! 

These are best suited to displays looking for a subtle twinkle! The super bright LEDs in our string lights will ensure your home and garden and lit up in style and again, are a very versatile lighting choice! We have both battery and mains powered options available which are all suitable for indoors and outdoors, allowing you to keep the same lighting type running through all the home and garden. Perfect for trimming Christmas Trees, garlands, windows, doorways, fences, trellising, shrubs and more! All our lights also come with a 2 year guarantee!

To create an instant party atmosphere in your garden, our range of Festoon Lights is for you! 

Our Festoon Lights are easy to hang anywhere in the garden but look particularly effective across a patio or along a fence! These designs are also a great choice if you're looking for something to keep in your outdoor space all year round - not just for Christmas!
We have lots of lovely new designs in this range this year and lots of them are connectable so you are able to use these around a larger area! We especially love the Crackle Effect Festoon Lights (pictured above) for use over the festive season!  

Speaking of Connectable Lights, these might be the best choice for you if the deciding factor is length! This range has lots of fantastic colours and sizes to cover large spaces or even to cater to commercial décor needs!

It's amazing that with our connectable lights, you can attach up to 6000 LEDs from just one plug! These premium quality lights are sure to illuminate any outdoor area for all to see, creating a very impressive lighting effect! The super bright yet energy saving LEDs come in a range of colours so there's something to complement all décor schemes! Perfect for larger gardens, big Christmas projects and commercial displays! 

One last light category we're going to talk about is our Net Lights. These are ideal if you have a smaller shrub, fence or wall to cover this Christmas...

These will give your front or back yard a simple yet very effective lighting effect and are perfect for decorating hedges, trees, fences or for use around the home. 

Here at UK Christmas World we have a fantastic range of Outdoor Lighting in all shapes and sizes - something to suit any space and vision! So head over to this section of our website to find your perfect outdoor lights this Christmas!...

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