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Will there be a Christmas Tree shortage this year?

The UK could be faced with a Christmas tree shortage this year, with those able to get hold of one likely to pay higher prices.

With tough and somewhat complicated EU trading regulations in place only this week there have been widespread reports of real Christmas Tree shortages in the coming months with supply chain issues from trees grown on the continent meaning less imported trees, and staff shortages here in the UK making it difficult to harvest the millions of trees we grow in this country. The ongoing effects and consequences of the pandemic and changing international trade rules have all weighed on global shipping over the last 18 months to significantly raise freight rates from Asia resulting in cancelled or severely late orders coming into the UK with increased costs ultimately being passed on to the consumer.

Here at UK Christmas World, we have been working tirelessly with our suppliers who we have formed close relationships with since our launch in 2014 to ensure we have good supplies of artificial Christmas trees in stock now and available for next day delivery.

As lovely as the real thing looks and smells, thanks to central heating, the UK home is often not a welcome environment for a real tree. And with lots of us putting decorations up in early December or even November these days, a real tree is tested to extremes. Forget vacuuming up pine needles every day, it’s far easier with an artificial with tree. With so many great realistic designs, that can last you for many years to come, here at UK Christmas world we think it’s all the better to fake it.

Everlands Green Allison Pine Rosewood Pine Pink Blush


Our 7ft Everlands Green Allison Pine Artificial Christmas Tree has been a popular choice already this year with the height and density of branches making it fit perfectly in most settings whilst those that are slightly more restricted for space may wish to consider a slim tree that maintains the natural appearance of an evergreen without taking up too much space, perfect for smaller rooms or flats – the 7ft Everlands Lodge Slim Pine offers this traditional space saving aesthetic. 

Of course, the beauty of artificial is that you can move away from the traditional evergreen tones to something more fitting with your taste. For the more daring our 7ft Red Funky Artificial Tree would brighten up any room and the 7ft Rosewood Pine Blush Pink Artificial Tree is proving a very popular choice this year.


Whether it’s a 2ft tabletop tree to sit on your desk or a 17ft Giant Canyon Pine for those lucky enough to have a grand hallway here at UK Christmas World we are confident we have an artificial tree in stock to suit your needs.

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